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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rstein926 1 / 10

One of the worst and boring Disney films period!

I have not seen every Disney Pixar film. The ones I have watched are the Toy Story films, Monsters Inc and it's sequel Monster University, a Bugs Life, Cars, Finding Nemo & The Incredibles. The ones I have not seen are Wall-e, Ratouttlie, Brave, Cars 2 and The Good Dinosaur. Most of the ones I seen were either great or not bad. My favourite Disney film is the Lion King followed by the Jungle Book (1967) and Pinocchio. But this film is one of the worst and boring Disney films I have ever seen!

The film is about a little girl named Riley who moves to a new home in San Franscisco after her dad gets a new job and her mind is controlled by a group of creatures known as 'emotions' who get her through everyday life but two of them Joy and Sadness end up in the bowls of Riley's mind where old memories are stored and without them especially Joy Riley's life is misery at home and school.

This film was just awful. This film may be family friendly but the film is nothing like a film for children. There is very little comedy and is more adult-themed than the other Pixar films. It is my opinion also that this film shares similarities to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Exorcist and The Land Before Time. Like in Snow White the emotions have names matching that of their personality. For example Joy is all happy and optimistic while Sadness is like Eeyore by being downright miserable. Like Regan McNeil of The Exorcist Riley is processed in her mind but by the emotions and not a demon named Pazuzu while her parents and presumably everyone in the film are also processed by emotions. The film's sub plot where Joy and Sadness try to get back to headquarters is a throwback to the Land Before Time where Littlefoot and his friends try to find the Great Valley.

I also felt the film was rushed and none of the characters apart from Riley, Joy and Sadness get much screen time. Even Anger, Fear and Disgust hardly get involved in the film. Disgust arguably was the emotion who got demoted to extra.

The film was as I said rubbish and how people loved this film has left me stumped. To me this film does not deserve a sequel as this film is just not good enough for one.

Reviewed by featherstarshine 1 / 10

Beyond Disappointing... The Worst. Movie. Ever.

Where to begin with Disney/Pixar's "Inside Out"? I had read a favorable review in F&SF Magazine (usually top notch advice on films and books, mind you) and so the wife and I grabbed "Inside Out" quite happily from the rentals to view. Two hours later, we were astonished. We were beyond disappointed. This is quite honestly one the worst movies we have ever seen. If you don't want to read my review in its entirety as it appears below here is a brief summary, but be warned- the faults and flaws of this film are so numerous that it was very difficult to give even a brief summary, as one tasteless flaw of "Inside Out" oozes seamlessly into another equally appalling error, and so with that said, here is my attempt to sum up the awfulness, inside and out: "Inside Out" is an epic failure in all regards, perhaps one of the most noteworthy of such failures that my wife and I have ever seen- and we watch A LOT of movies, and are generally very forgiving. "Inside Out" brings to mind what a group of utterly uninspired and uncreative people would make when devoid of all worthwhile vision; it is visually dull- if not downright ugly- and the story appears to be little more than a cobbled together meaningless jumble of nonsense, replete with aforesaid terrible art, vapid 'messages' (yes kids, be very afraid of organic vegetables! Etc, etc.) delivered insincerely by the flattest, most unlikable and uninteresting characters imaginable. These poorly personified jellybean blobs bounce absurdly through the terrible facade of script until at last the viewer finds his/herself genuinely annoyed, and praying for an end to the waste of time calling itself "Inside Out". Listen, there are so many films available for viewing these days, and you would be wise to watch any film other than "Inside Out"- save yourself from the insult to your intelligence. Even terrible movies are often "so bad they are good" and find in their absurd stupidity redeeming enjoyment, and become cult classics. But "Inside Out" is not 'so bad its good'- it's just bad. It will never be a classic, or even cult classic, and no real world child will ever say "Mama lets watch 'Inside Out'!" and yes, the fact that this was the product of two financial behemoths like Disney and Pixar, is, IMHO, disgraceful. Between the shameless promotion of fast food (yes, I will reiterate, that broccoli is one of the main character's biggest fears, made all the 'scarier' by becoming organic in one of her nightmares- whilst MacDonald's French fries occupy a huge portion of the girl's inner landscape, embarrassingly named 'Imagination Land' -which looks like a weird factory from the outside, BTW), irritating characters, and asinine plot twists, you and your children ought be spared the painful experience inherent in this awkwardly uninspiring, IQ-lessening animated garbage. The very premise of the film derives from a deeply flawed, unintelligent and abysmal outlook on the human condition. Why? Here: "Inside Out" suggests that all human beings are composed of five primary personality traits each of which is personified by aforesaid astoundingly dull jellybean-esque creatures (except for Joy, who is a very lame, unlikable- sorry Amy Poehler- visual rip off of the much beloved, and better drawn fairy Tinker Bell). OK, sure. 5 basic components to every human being. Doesn't sound so bad, does it? But what are these five basic human components? Well, as I've just mentioned, there is the bafflingly lame Tinker Bell ripoff 'Joy' (great! A positive trait! What else?) and…. Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. And that's it. Wow. Let me reiterate the premise of this concept once more: humans are all composed of five equal parts: Sadness. Anger. Fear. Disgust. Oh, and Joy. What a chipper outlook on life! This is what the huge corporations have decided was worth spending millions of dollars to pound into the impressionable minds of youngsters around the world? "Guess what kids, you are mostly really awful stuff- disgust, anger, fear and sadness. Yes, there's joy, we can't deny we needed some protagonist in this absurd script, but you and everyone you know is, well, 80% misery. Whee!" Sound good? That's the sort of self-awareness and ideas of consciousness the once great Disney wants to pawn off as meaningful to today's youth? What happened to the enlightening Circle of Life in the Lion King? You know, this type of rapid downward spiral in quality is not all that surprising. For me, Disney became synonymous with dubious-at-best/maybe-garbage with its release of Frozen, an overrated jumble of sappy songwriting, and "Inside Out" simply reinforces that view- but that's another story, another review for another time. I am not allowed enough characters to fully express my disappointment in this film, so to sum it up: "Inside Out" = Worst Movie Ever.

Reviewed by OliverGinger 10 / 10

Tears of Joy

Before I start, I will say this; I'm writing this after coming back from a second viewing of Inside Out. Both viewings were out of choice. That's not a unique thing, but I very rarely watch films more than once at the cinema, mainly because life is short, or rather, life is too quick for me. But there's two main reasons why people watch some films more than once at the cinema, especially where I come from; either the film was interesting, detailed, or multi-layered and needs to be seen again to sink in properly, or, it was really, really good.

In this case, for me, it's the latter. That's not to say that the film isn't interesting, detailed or multi-layered, but the reason that was repeating in my head to see it again was 'it's really, really good.' But is it? Yes, yes of course it is... Speaking with a bunch of friends with whom I saw it the first time, a risky phrase was unanimously agreed upon, which was that we 'trust the Pixar team to do the right thing.' Needless (totally needless) to say that expectations were high, and frankly, they were surpassed.

Even though the film is what we come to expect from Pixar (the universal moral themes, the perfect balance between comedy and sadness, and visually stunning animation and action sequences), I didn't feel that I had seen it all before, and neither was it repetitive nor 'ordinary'. The film hits all the high notes, with perfect intonation, and with discipline and passion. As touched on before, the balance between humour and sadness is strong and impressive; the amount of emotions that the film displays and takes us through is varied and immersive, yet not overwhelming. The film executes such clever ideas with simplicity and ease, leaving us to feel for the characters rather than worry about the 'science' of it all, or even being worried about 'not getting it'.

The animation is constantly eye-drawing and detailed; the characters' glistening skin is particularly wondrous. And what great characters they are. Riley is brilliantly sympathetic throughout, even with her difficult mood swings, and the supporting characters are perfectly entertaining. One might think that the superficial nature of the characters (Anger is angry, Fear is always scared etc.) would become old quickly, however the fun never diminishes, thanks to a witty script, expressive animation, and very strong voice performances from the entire cast.

However, to top all this off, the real gem comes from the character of Joy, surely a strong contender in the list of Pixar's greatest characters. Even though we are inside the head of Riley for the majority of the film, and the events that drive the movie are essentially her reactions to her new world (moving from Minnesota to San Francisco), the story is Joy's. Being probably the most flawed character in the film (paradoxically, maybe), it's her journey we care about the most, and she ends up being the most in-depth character in the film, occasionally questioning her actions in the first half (well, the cynics will be), and becoming the most sympathetic by the end. Amy Poehler's outstanding performance makes Joy simultaneously the strongest and weakest character in the film (emotionally, that is).

After all of this, the freshness of the ideas, the simplified neuroscience, the technical brilliance (saying that, Giacchino's score is probably the most subtle thing in the film, exquisitely putting the finishing touches on the most emotional scenes), fleshed out characters and universal themes, all of this comes together simply to entertain us, to let us escape, and to release us emotionally, which it does by making us laugh and cry in an even and fair manner.

And you will laugh. And you will cry. And it is fun to do so. Thank god we're living in a time when Pixar is making these films.

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