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Luke Hemsworth as Charlie Kent
Grace Huang as Claire Grenich
Daniel MacPherson as Whit Carmichael
Goran D. Kleut as Membrane Whit
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Reviewed by Jacob Gutenburg 7 / 10

Retro Sci Fi Horror

This film borrows a lot from classic sci fi horror movies, you get some of the tech from alien, a little bit of Event Horizon, and has the claustrophobia of The Thing. For a movie made on such a low budget, its pretty good. Maybe not quite on the level of some of the films I've mentioned but still a lot of fun.

A group of colonial marines like characters start off on a search and rescue mission in a far away outpost. Who's alive? Who's dead? You don't really know at the start, but the movie takes its own twist which will be fun for sci fi fans. Its a little weak in the latter half of the 3rd act, too many repeating scenes. I think some things could've been cut.

Overall, its an enjoyable sci fi horror movie. It knows what it is, the actors play their parts well. And even though it borrows heavily from earlier works it still has a fresh ending. Worth checking out especially because this genre is sadly neglected.

Reviewed by swf64 7 / 10

Very Good Sci fi

WOW don't buy into the rating on this one.

This is very good science fiction. The characters are developed. The settings are first class. The best thing about this movie is the story.

The story is well paced and above average for a science fiction movie.

This isn't a A level title with Tom Cruise or George Clooney, but it's not far off the mark, and it uses the blood and violence to bring home a story that's real and heartfelt.

Real science fiction for real science fiction fans. Easy 7.

A team of elite soldiers travel to a remote outpost that is home to an indigenous life form. If you think you might like this movie it will exceed expectations.

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