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Fay Gauthier as President Raney
Sal Landi as General Roundtree
William Castrogiovanni as Major Fry / Fighter Pilot
Jacquelin Arroyo as Red / Fighter Pilot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by widsith-58602 4 / 10

I enjoyed this, but I suggest waiting until it's in the $1 bin.

First, do not mistake this for the 2016 sequel to the original Independence Day. "Independents' Day" (the cheeky title alone deserves an extra point) is made by The Asylum, a company which specializes in grabbing as many sales as it can from people mistaking their productions for upcoming blockbusters, or from people such as myself who don't mind watching these things occasionally as a change from all the over-hyped, big-budget productions about. Production values are very much in dollars rather than billions of dollars. However, that doesn't mean the result is necessarily bad.

The actors take their roles seriously, albeit they're not exactly A-list, being either complete unknowns or daytime soap extras. Occasionally The Asylum do pull in a recognizable face, but there's none in this film.

The special effects are actually not bad - better than many TV productions I've seen, and the story-line is quite imaginative, although the screenplay lets things down a bit. That's a shame, as with a bit more attention to the latter the whole production could be raised a notch or two.

In this film, some large(ish) spaceships arrive on earth and instead of immediately destroying everything offer to relocate earth's population to avoid a costly battle, even offering rewards in the form of cures for various diseases if humankind cooperates. The female vice-president of America finds it's up to her to work out what's really going on and find a way to prevent the aliens' from taking possession the planet.

I definitely wouldn't recommend wasting $10 on this - wait a couple of months until it appears in the $1 bin. It's good to pass a bored 1½ hours when there's nothing else to do, or save it for a day when your in bed with chickenpox. Also, as another reviewer has pointed out, The Asylum productions are blissfully free from the expletives and sexism that appear in almost everything these days, for which I'm truly grateful.

Reviewed by ericprincephd 1 / 10

One of the worst movies in a long, long time.

There are no words in the English language to describe how bad this movie is. It was obviously produced by first rate con-artists trying to push rust as gold to the poor fools who will actually pay money to watch this first-grade science fiction movie. Actually, there are probably first grade kids who would do a much better job. The acting, the special-effects, the plot is truly horrible. Once again we are treated to a superior race that has heavy-metal for their technology rather then the light, smooth, crystal-like substances that such an advanced race would possess. But, when you have sophomoric writers producing unbelievable junk as advanced technology you get what you paid for - in this case unbelievable garbage. This movie is a valid reason to get it from a bit torrent, as paying to see it should be classified as petty theft on the part of the producers and distributors.

Reviewed by phillewis-42679 1 / 10

Do Not Bother!

I shall be brief! This has to be one of the worst, if not the worst, film I have seen! The acting is........well I am giving it a complement by crediting it as acting.....terrible! Where do these 'actors' come from? The script is pretty dire which doesn't help the actor's cause, but even so the finished product must have had the "ok we've got a shot there" by someone! I just wonder how many 'takes' it took to get something so bad! It might be quite amusing actually to see a DVD of the 'out-takes'. A complete waste of time! Do not even think that it is the sequel to Independence Day, it is nowhere near the quality of that movie. Awful! Awful! Awful!

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