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Guy Pearce as Mr. Barber
Sam Neill as Mr. Reid
Miranda Otto as Mrs. Barber
Ruth Bradley as Caroline Reid
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Terry Roehrig II 7 / 10

What would you do if your daughter was missing?

Very well done drama thriller, that is based on a true story, which makes it all the more powerful.

This was a disturbing one to watch, let me tell you. It's every parent's worse nightmare come true. When Rachel Barber (Bell) doesn't come home on the tram when she's supposed to, her parents (Pearce, Otto) fear the worst. As well they should. They try to get the police involved but it seems that they have bigger fish to fry and could care less about Rachel's disappearance. They want to put up flyers, the police tell them that they better file a permit or they'll be charged a fine. They do some sleuthing themselves and give the information to the police... but still... they do nothing.

The only people that are willing to help are other family members in the household and neighbors, one of them being Caroline Reid (Bradley), who used to babysit the Barber children. Mr. & Mrs. Barber find out a lot about their little "perfect angel" as they dig deeper and deeper into what could have happened to her. It seems that she was having a sexual relationship with her new boyfriend, Manni (Chittenden) and he lied about knowing of her whereabouts.

It just gets more and more intense from there. Fine acting jobs all around (not a bad egg among them) is what keeps you glued to the screen and wanting to get to the bottom of this mystery. Ruth Bradley as the babysitter gives a very raw, emotional and bold performance -- so intense that you just cannot look away. More reviews at Final Grade: B

Reviewed by ThreeGuysOneMovie 7 / 10

Got under my skin

Based on a true story of a 15 year old Rachel Barber's abduction in Australia, In Her Skin is disturbing to say the least. The movie chronicles the real events that happened before, after, and during this tragic abduction and the many different lives it touched.

Rachel Barber goes missing and everyone that knew her knew something was amiss but the Barber family was forced to wait 48 hours before the police would get involved. As her parents frantically look for her and blanket the neighborhood with pictures, we get to see glimpses of her past and the pasts of many people involved in this case .It soon unfolds and the truth is revealed in this psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Guy Pearce and Miranda Otto translate incredible emotion and anger as Rachel's parents but for me the standout here was Ruth Bradley as Caroline Reid. Sam Neill also played an overwhelmed, distant parent of Caroline very well as this movie moves swiftly and smoothly through the horrifying truth of this well directed and acted film.

I watched this film on demand and was impressed with the overall production. In Her Skin reminded me a lot of The Lovely Bones, which I also enjoyed, that starred Mark Wahlberg. This movie is definitely worth a watch in my opinion

Reviewed by seqial 8 / 10

The bravery to attempt explanation - an uncomfortable yet compelling watch

From time to time you'll find filmmakers who won't have it easy on themselves. And when it comes to an attempt to explain such a thing as the murder of 15 year old dance student Rachel Barber you have to be such a filmmaker, as from the outset you won't be allowed to seek refuge in the cliché representation of a villainous male predator. Barber had been killed by her former sitter and neighbour Caroline Reed Robertson, here Caroline Reid, and it's her motivation that lies at the heart of the ongoings and the movie. Thus it was a wise and well working choice to have the story being told from 1st the victim's family's before the culprit's point of view, finally from that of the victim. After the very astute and convincing observation of the parents the most harrowing of these sections was the intimate dive into Caroline's world. The director was probably well advised not to mention Caroline's lawyers' suspicion that she'd been abused as a child, but within moments after her introduction it becomes clear that 'something profound must have gone wrong. Her neglecting father isn't let off well, and we're already induced to ask ourselves where abuse begins, e.g. with the bereft of the most basic of all children's rights and needs, love. Caroline grew into adulthood with no bricks to erect even just the most feeble confidence and self-respect. Instead she was consumed by self-loathing, unhappiness about her appearance and probably afflicted from very early on by that most vicious enemy that comes with alienation, loneliness. A malignant process furthered by incompetent parents whenever she attempted to make herself heard. Caroline's inner world is presented in much detail, foremost by acting, then also by her extensive diary-writing and scribbling on paper and walls. In contrast with the suffering of Barber's family one cannot accuse of an attempt to excuse, meanwhile it is vital to explain. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison, hence while we're looking at a saddening world of distortion and disturbance hardly any of us will be able to fully comprehend, she was not declared legally insane, a distinction that poses a problem in contemporary psychiatry outside crime as well: if you're not psychotic you have – problems. No matter how clearly ill you are. The acting throughout is superb, with a special praise for Ruth Bradley as Caroline. She gets everything right, in particular the ricochets between desperate outbursts of uncontrolled self-hatred and sudden walls of defense. It's to fear that Bradley will fall victim to contests of model-prettiness and less controversial role-CVs in the movie industry, otherwise offers should rain down on her. In all, each actor's understanding makes them optimal extensions for North's filming tools, down to the realistic depiction of the traumatizing of Rachel's family. It's an uncomfortable yet compelling watch with no holes barred, making it hard if not impossible to rely on a quick condemnation of the murderess despite the graveness of the deed. My voting-system might be different from that of others, giving 10 to movies that have a power equal to a revolution, hence my 8, leaning towards 9, shall be a deep recommendation.

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