I'll See You in My Dreams


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I’ll See You in My Dreams (2015) download yts

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Malin Akerman as Katherine Petersen
Sam Elliott as Bill
Martin Starr as Lloyd
Blythe Danner as Carol Petersen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity 7 / 10

Blythe Danner proving she still got it..

But I got to admit, I did not know she had it in the first place.

Blythe Danner for me is usually recognized as the very attractive significant other when older actors want to pretend on screen that they are interested in age appropriate women.

But Danner is a very sexy, charming woman and she gets to show all of this in her leading role in this film. It's a strangely realistic look at what romance looks like in those golden years with Sam Elliot as Danner's love interest, a man who proves he still got the heat himself at his advanced aged.

Also liked seeing Rhea Perlman in the flick as one of Danner's aging friends in the movie. She plays a woman living in a senor citizens home, which I found hard to swallow. She showed far too much energy on the screen.

It's a good romantic comedy for any age but a lot more than what it's sold to be. For the most part, it's about a woman who's just going through a mood and this can happy to anyone at any age.


Reviewed by bobbobwhite 7 / 10

About spending your last years better

Good, simple, often funny movie concerned with the serious subject of just what is left of value in a life that is much closer to the end than to the beginning, and what we might do with that remaining value. Blythe Danner, June Squibb, Rhea Perlman, Mary Kay Place, Sam Elliott, and Martin Starr are the leads, with Danner the star as Carol, a widow living out her very comfortable but ordinary L.A. days at home, except for her bridge and golf games with her 3 funny buddies at the local retirement center. Then, first came a personal loss, then came an odd but valued friendship with her young pool cleaner, then a loss that truly moved her to change the way she saw and lived life.

The director kept things light and not too serious about the issues with aging until that loss that changed things forever for Carol, temporarily at first, but permanently later, as she then became more accepting of doing things with more meaning and friendly human relationships in her remaining years. Sad in spots, funny in most, but always meaningful, with sound advice for all of us as we age.

What I took away from this story was that we all need to spend serious time reviewing our lives when we get to Carol's age, and question if we are using our limited time wisely and in our own best interests, and then make the right changes. We owe that to ourselves, and to our friends and loved ones. Just like Carol. In that way, the story was like a good friend.

Reviewed by charmadu 2 / 10

Save Your Hard-Earned (or Not!) Dough

Wow - I went out of my way to see this, thinking "Blythe Danner - of course I'll go!" What a total waste of time and talents - mine, hers and the whole cast and crew. (And did we have to make her look like some kind of Diane Keaton has-been?) Here's what I learned from this movie: if you're an older woman living in Southern Ca, you better have a tonload of money. It's needed to: 1) run the house that looks like an ad for Pottery Barn, including a pool and pool boy, 2) land the loaded boyfriend who fake-smokes expensive cigars, drives a fancy car and ginormous yacht, and lives at the expensive senior home with three of the most boring, empty, "senior" female friends ever written for the screen, or for that matter, any medium.

The tonload of money would also be needed to finance the constant drinking - or should I say, guzzling -that goes on in this film. Virtually every scene (minus the vet and the hospital)involves alcohol as an unpaid extra.

At first I thought the movie was going to deal with the drinking - (why did I think that? I must have been drinking)

The relationships between the protagonist and her 2-scene boyfriend, her daughter and her friends are so shallow as to be embarrassing and ultimately depressing. Between her and the pool boy was only slightly better. Particularly problematic is the fact that this relationship is also centered around alcohol. The result is that she can't help but come across as a shallow alcoholic, happy to go with the first person who says "I like you" and drinks.

As for the boyfriend - "surprising" a woman you've never met and know nothing about, by taking her out to sea, in your boat, alone, all day w/o bothering to find out if that in fact is something she'd remotely want to do - struck me as insensitive at best and creepily controlling at worst. But since whoever she is, is so buried, and there's plenty of alcohol on board, no problem! After he "leaves", all she has left are her terminally boring friends, adopting an old dog with a couple more years and going to the karaoke bar and drinking until it's her turn. Her only daughter is a total non-entity to her. This was nearly as bad as The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

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