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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ben Zolno (hardcoresocrates) 10 / 10

How Did They Do This for Such A Low Budget?

This is about as light and fun and Kiwi as a Zombie film is going to get. Maybe negative reviewers prefer their zombies to focus on complex nasty deaths and no story. As someone who needs more than that, I really enjoyed this film.

ISAZH is about Zombies, yes, but more so it is about a hopeful young man whose self doubt threaten his ability to succeed in his career and his love life. Each character presented with their flaw gets it resolved in the end, as any good story should, but in this case, those flaws are resolved at the hands of the undead. Brilliant.

This film hits all the tropes, with some real laugh-out-loud moments, some parts where you just have to turn your head away from the screen, and some point where you find yourself chanting for the supporting heroes to make their final try.

Yes, you sometimes see the fact it was lower budget, but this was made for $200K and change, which should be physically impossible. These guys did it. You should watch it.

I look forward to seeing their next project.

Reviewed by Hisham Qaddomi 9 / 10

Fun for a weekend night with your buddies

If you're looking for a solid horrific Zombie story-line then you'll be disappointed. This movie is about mixing comedy, romance and some funny horror into your movie night. The story is built on funny quips portrayed in scenes. The story-line on the other hand is simple. A nerd guy who is happy because he just landed a "perfect job" with an upcoming horror feature and just found the girl of his dreams when things start to get worse, and the worst is when all the film extra's become zombies and he finds himself in a battle for his and his dream-girl's life.

The film is very amiable. Especially with the fun nerdy, baby-faced and insecure Wesley Pennington (Harley Neville) yet some scenes you feel that the scenes are longer than they should be and some jokes are really being pushed. I believe it should be better if the movie was shorter to avoid these points, yet, the makers might take a note of that for their next feature.

All-in-all it was a fun experience watching a movie from New-Zealnd, where you rarely see movie breakouts from, and I believe it's a good movie to watch with your buddies on a weekend night when you need to give your stressful brain a break from all the stress of the week and the pressure of the bad news you say on a daily basis in media and have some pure horror-styled fun as your stress-relief weekend night.

Reviewed by hamish-25851 3 / 10

Tries hard but just doesn't make it

It's a great core premise: troubled zombie flick's shoot gets overrun with real zombies. It could have been gold, sadly it wasn't.

The cast try. The crew do what they can with what's clearly a very limited budget. It's obvious that a lot of local goodwill went in, too. There are some scenes where it's pretty clear that most of the local town turned up and gave it their best shot - look at the rugby game sidelines for what I mean.

The trouble with the movie is what isn't there. The lead actor is simply not compelling enough to identify with, even after it's clear that he needs to become a badass if he's going to survive. The comedy feels like it's actors working lines from tight scripts and there's no vibe to it at all. In an area with some of the most compelling scenery and natural light on earth, the whole thing is shot in a generic forest under flat light (honestly, it looks like it was filmed under clouded skies at mid day). The cinematography is fixed cameras at a polite distance with plenty of unused space in most of the shots. The worst is the direction. This movie is staid, bloated, and terribly, terribly slow.

It's slow like a glacier is slow. Really.

There'll be the inevitable comparisons to homegrown classics like Bad Taste or Braindead. Nope. This isn't anywhere near those movies, at any level, and if you want to see what can be done on a tight budget then look those movies up. I've given a few stars for the sake of the support leads (especially Jocelyn Christian, who deserves better), but that's it.

See it if and only if you are making a movie and need to research mistakes to avoid.

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