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Jennifer Love Hewitt as Julie James
Johnny Galecki as Max Neurick
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Helen Shivers
Bridgette Wilson-Sampras as Elsa Shivers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dragoneyed363 8 / 10

Nothing special here...

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

When the era of teen slashers started to arise from the incredible success of Scream, it seemed a lot of them were just so not up to par as Scream was, and still are not to this day. Scream was a fast paced, amazingly well crafted classic with excellent characters and acting, and a wonderful plot. However, there are quite a few slashers in that time that have cult followings from horror lovers for they are very enjoyable slashers, that tried their best to conquer Scream implacably. I Know What You Did Last Summer falls under that category for me. True, this movie did also help in the creation of the disastrous string of teen horrors we have nowadays, with cliché plot twists and face-palming character actions at every turn, but it is arguably the most successful and recognized Scream cash-in, and there is a reason for that.

I especially love the cast. Though Jennifer Love Hewitt is no Neve Campbell, she and the rest of her co-stars, Prince Jr., Phillipe and the ever so wonderful and amazingly talented Sarah Michelle Gellar all try their best to make the film work for what it is and accomplish that perfectly. Sarah Michelle Gellar's character Helen actually has a very wide fan base, and I am a considered fan as well. Her character was superb; too bad she was overshadowed by the film's genre by a lot of critics and was ridiculously killed off quite aggrivatingly. Anyway, stopping the drooling and praising over Ms. Gellar, the plot is fun and probably my favorite "we make a pact" plot that I have seen. It has some nice kills, and though Ben Willis is no Ghostface, I make these Scream references for the screenplay was by Kevin Williamson and we all know that is what this film tried to be, he is not a bad killer, just not a memorable one. He is not as memorable as the film itself, for me at least.

Anyway, the movie is just pure fun with characters that you actually care for and hope to live; surprisingly deep characters in fact for such a short running time and the "genre-based" film that it is. It was a box office success and I can see why; definitely one of my all time favorite slashers, even if it's not one of the best, and does not receive the appreciation it deserves at a lot of times. I assume it is mostly criticized because of the genre it is in, like I mentioned, and not many critics and general audiences are open to teen slashers, I can see why with the ones we have nowadays, but this was the 90s; an excellent decade for films of any genre, and many people should acknowledge that. A classic, very underrated slasher that I loved and enjoyed greatly.

Reviewed by lastliberal 7 / 10

Happy Birthday Sarah Michelle

I haven't seen a whole lot of teen slasher movies. In fact this may be the only one I have seen, and it is a fitting tribute of the genre for our birthday girl, Sarah Michelle Geller.

Writer Kevin Williamson follows up Scream with a serious example of just how effective these movies can be if they're well-written, directed and acted.

Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy, TMNT) and Jenniver Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer) fit perfectly together and are supported by Ryan Phillippe (Crash, Breach, Flags of Our Fathers) and Freddie Prinze Jr. Why does that sentence sound naughty? If I had to watch one film of this type, I'm glad this was it.

Reviewed by Kristine 7 / 10

True, it's another teen slasher flick

In the late 90's, there had seemed to be a trend of the Dawson's Creek meets Halloween slasher flicks, some had big hits like Scream, and some kinda missed like Urban Legend, then right in between came I Know What You Did Last Summer based off the book of the same name and I do mean just based on the book because the book and the movie are two entirely different tales. The book was more of a moral story while this was just a plain slasher teen flick, but over all I would say that I Know What You Did Last Summer was a decent horror flick. It starred the biggest stars of it's time: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Ryan Phillipe, and surprisingly they clicked pretty well, but I think that's because they just all have to play pretty white kids with problems, lol. But it's all good, this was a fun little horror flick.

Four high school friends have graduated and are celebrating the fourth of July. They all have big plans: Julie is planning to go to Harvard, Helen is going to New York to become an actress, Ray is staying in town to help with the business of fishing, and Barry has a wrestling scholarship. They all are just having a big party and while driving home they accidentally hit a man, killing him. Freaked out and scarred for what might happen since alcohol is involved, they dump the body in the river hoping that it'll go away. But a year later when the friends re-unite, they are receiving letters claiming that someone knows what they did. Barry is then hit by a car, Helen's hair is chopped off, and Julie gets bodies put into her car trunk; they all must face the fisherman who is after them with a big hook and it seems like he does not want these kids to live.

I Know What You Did Last Summer has typical Dawson's Creek drama, but it's all good, I mean it was written by Kevin Williamson who wrote the series. But the cast did click very well and as cliche'd as the movie was, it's still good for a scare. Sarah does have one of the best damsel in distress chase scenes ever, that was pretty intense I have to admit. I Know What You Did Last Summer is a fun flick I would recommend to watch at midnight in the dark, you're gonna get jumpy a few times.


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