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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
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John Travolta as Stanley Hill
Rebecca De Mornay as Vivian Hill
Amanda Schull as Abbie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anopenmindedlady 10 / 10

An Excellent Movie With A Great Actor Called John Travolta.

I Am Wrath is an American action thriller film directed by Chuck Russell and written by Yvan Gauthier and Paul Sloan. The film stars John Travolta, Christopher Meloni, Sam Trammell, Amanda Schull, Rebecca De Mornay and Luis Da Silva.

Unemployed engineer Stanley Hill (John Travolta) witnesses the murder of his wife Vivian (Rebecca De Mornay), who was attacked by thugs in a parking garage. Wracked with guilt, Stanley is haunted by the image of Vivian dying in his arms. When Detective Gibson (Sam Trammell) and other corrupt police officers are unable to bring the killers to justice, Stanley turns to his old friend Dennis (Christopher Meloni) and decides to take matters into his own hands. It is only then that Stanley and Dennis are found to have a mysterious past that, until now, they have kept very well hidden. As they inflict their revenge, Stanley uncovers a conspiracy that leads to the upper ranks of government, and those involved in the cover up will realize that Stanley and Dennis are more dangerous than they could ever have imagined.

Reviewed by juanmuscle 10 / 10

Yeah! Get on with your badassself Trav!

I got one plan, one thing on my mind, to tap into the badass side of myself in this all out grindfest all the way to the top... Something Trav might say in this cool lil' meatloaf bazaar.

You got three minutes Trav to kick ass, ask a couple of questions and get out! Loving every second of it... John and the bad ass dude from HBO hit 'OZ' do some major damage. And the best part is, it does not take long before the action kicks into overdrive, (yeah that's right, I'm a race car Jule and right now I'm running on red)! haha, you know what that's about, its about time Trav goes into fullblownz killing mode, revenge style. The action is heavy, the plot is sort of thin, but who cares, we got back up in the way of that cool bro, and pretty soon the grinder turns on and meatbags start flying, and there is no reanimating these simple thugs, they were born dead, out on the streets and they should've never messed with Trav's love, cause when Trav gets mad, he explodes like a racecar too long in the red, its got double packed Wrathful ending that will leave you spinning and wanting just lil' extra taste. Could have done with the 'How I went from bad to worse after school bad guy lesson speech' but hey, you can't win them all, all I know is that, once in a while you have to simply throw some meat in a grinder and watch the stupid meaty extremities fall where they may' May I please get a lil' bbq sauce on my meatbags? Thank you... Loving it.

Reviewed by Yipikaye 10 / 10

Excellent movie.

It's great to see Travolta back to his Pulp Fiction Best ! Has elements similar to films like Man on Fire & Taken and I Am Wrath is every bit as good. Face paced action & full of tension right through to a truly dramatic ending. 10 stars, an absolute MUST SEE !! I thought 'I Am Wrath' was brilliant! Never a dull moment. Travolta up to his usual high standard in this type of film and the humor between Stanley Hill (Travolta) and his old mate Dennis (Christopher Meloni) was excellent. Well worth a viewing. In fact I am going to watch it again soon.Energetic, violent and fun, I Am Wrath ticks all the right boxes for a fun night in. You'll know where Chuck Russell's movie is going from the opening credits but that doesn't stop it from being an enjoyable ride. John Travolta delivers the requisite tough guy heroics and shows Liam Neeson how things should be done in the process. If you're in the mood for a straight-up four star action movie then I Am Wrath is the movie for you.

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