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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin6942 8 / 10

Whose Lap Is My Child Sitting On?

We have documented an entire year in the lives of five real-bearded professional Santa Clauses to find out what the rest of the year is like for a man who perpetually looks like Jolly Saint Nick. In the process, they are shown for who they actually are: flawed, flesh and blood men who feel an overbearing responsibility to protect the integrity of the spotless, untarnished reputation of the Red Suit.

This documentary is incredible. While most mall Santas are probably just older men from the community who want to give a little something back, this documentary sheds light on the hundreds of other Santas who take the lifestyle to a greater extreme. And the focus on just a handful of the more unconventional really makes this something to see.

We have a man struggling with making ends meet who turns to work as Santa, although he does not seem to have the heart for the job (and if this film is any indication, he has terrible eating habits). And then we have the gay Santa who poses for some questionable magazines. Oddly, although this guy sounds like someone a good Christian may not want associating with their children, he is presented as the most caring and sincere of any of the guys in this film. More than anyone else, he embodies the Santa persona.

And then there is Mick Foley. Although the name will be familiar to many, the man might not be. Seeing his kindness, his love of children is inspiring. At times things seem a little bizarre (his 12-year old son apparently still believes in Santa), but his exploration of the transformation process is incredible.

Reviewed by tracyhjones 9 / 10

Sweet as snow cream

This film is exactly what it purports to be: the story of five men who were suddenly, inexplicably seized with the Christmas spirit and undertook the wacky, specialized work of being Santa Claus. All five Santas have various challenges -- one is coming to terms with being a gruff jerk for most of his life, one has had a good run for many years and is now poverty-stricken and living with his daughter, one, raised in the Bible Belt, is now struggling with a long-distance same-sex relationship, and another is living the seeming good life in Southern California while being wound very tight around the axle. Oh, and the fifth one is heavy metal hero and shock wrestler Mick Foley, who is perhaps the sweetest of the sweet Santas. If you are expecting something as dark as "Bad Santa," this isn't it. If you are expecting something as scrubbed up as a made-for-TV movie, this isn't it. If you are willing to suspend your disbelief (it is Christmas, after all) and go with the film, you will love it. And you'll see the Christmas spirit shining through!

Reviewed by Roadwarrior85846 10 / 10

Warm, touching, emotional and funny. Excellent for the Holidays!

I Am Santa Claus is a must-see documentary that follows the lives of four men that portray Ole Saint Nick during the Christmas season. It also follows WWE Legend, Mick Foley, giving himself the challenge to fill in the boots and see if he has the ability and skill to become Santa Claus himself.

Each individual has different lives. One being near homeless and jobless, living with his daughter, trying to struggle to get back on his feet again and being Santa Claus during the month of December can be a little stressful to him, yet gets a brief feeling of joy. Another man is openly gay and proud of it, visits his long distant significant other as much as he can before the busy Holiday. Third individual's dream job by opening up a BBQ business. Fourth man is a real estate agent that wants to get a break into singing Holiday tunes.

As for Mick Foley, he makes a PERFECT Santa Claus! Just like in his wrestling career, his mission is keeping others entertained and happy. It's a big transition from being a Hardcore Legend to Santa Claus, but he pulls it off very well. It's almost like it's his calling and it's in his blood.

The documentary is very straight-forward. Lots of laughs, chuckles, and also emotional scenes, especially with first two "Santas," that I just mentioned. From beginning to the end of this film, my smile never left my face. I strongly recommend to watch this film for the Christmas Season. You won't regret it!

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