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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hunter-epic 1 / 10

Did a zombie make this film?

The first 4 reviews actually misled me into watching this movie. Anyone giving this film more than 2 stars is obviously in cahoots with the production.

Overall: unbearable. The quality of the production itself is decent, but even with all the rogue pop-culture references and randomly-placed aerial shots, these just don't even begin to make up for the story and acting.

Acting: terrible, with the exception of the "Brad" character who is pretty much the sole source of comedy in the film - so he doesn't count.

Plot: terrible. The very beginning was somewhat interesting, enough to lure you in, but then it becomes incredibly dull for the majority of the movie. If you enjoy endless, pointless, and mind-numbing teenage conversation mixed with a flat plot development - this film is for you.

This film was so bad, in fact, that it rubbed off on the film we decided to watch afterwards. This is what I get for choosing a film with such an unimaginative title like "Humans Versus Zombies."

Reviewed by mikmarpau 1 / 10

The previous reviewers were a part of the production.

This is such a mind numbingly terrible movie I was at a loss of words, years from now there will be contests held to see how long you can sit through it. Terribly shot, with mediocre acting at best, it chooses to saturate itself with internet jokes and watered down video game references instead of developing a plot or believable characters. The pacing is all wrong, and the failed "action" scenes left much more to be desired.

It actually appalled me how little they put into their characters, it seemed that with so much useless dialogue clogging the scenes of the movie, you'd be able to at least personalize one character, sadly this wasn't the case. HVZ is a terrible movie that isn't worth the 103 minutes it took from me, avoid it if you can.

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