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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 7%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
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Sofía Vergara as Daniella Riva
John Carroll Lynch as Captain Emmett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by (<a class= 10 / 10

Funniest movie I've seen in years.

Sofia and Reece are the Abbott and Costello of 2015. So good together. This has to be one of the strangest roles for Reece who comes off as pretty well a geeky nerd. Hard to believe such a talented actress pulls this off.

This is one of those movies you need to watch several times to get all the lines. I got the impression that Sofia was ad-libbing half the time. I'll bet the outtakes were priceless.

For me the funniest scene ever was when they were sneaking by the road block. Hilarious!

If you need a few laughs this is the movie to watch. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Andrew Gold 1 / 10

Hot Pursuit is a dismal comedy and a criminal waste of talent.

I had low expectations going into this and even then I was shocked at how offensively unfunny this movie is. I can forgive a movie when it tries to do something inventive or experimental and falls flat, but Hot Pursuit is the most cookie-cutter "buddy" comedy you can imagine, using cheap gags that have been done a hundred times before and two talented leads that cannot save this abomination of a movie no matter how hard they try.

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara are talented and funny when given the opportunity. Hot Pursuit however goes out of its way to make them as unlikable, unfunny, and downright annoying as possible. Witherspoon uses a terrible Southern accent the whole movie, which is weird because she used a similar accent 20 years ago (Freeway) and it sounded perfectly fine. Vergara's accent is hard enough to understand but it's amped up to 100 here making half her lines indecipherable. There are moments where you can tell the two actresses are having fun, but the material is so lazy that none of it comes across in the actual dialogue. In fact the most enjoyable banter between them is during the outtakes where they're not obligated to follow the horrendous script.

I can nitpick this movie to death but what's the point. Watch the trailers - if it looks funny to you then you'll probably get a kick out of it. If not, avoid this like the plague. However as a fan of action comedies and stupid humor in general (The Other Guys and Harold & Kumar are hilarious to me), Hot Pursuit failed on every level and then some.

Reviewed by LesbianToLesbians 10 / 10

I love these women with all of my heart.

I fell in love with the cute Lady Sofia and the gentle woman Reese. This film has all the elements of success: a good story, entertainment, great comedy, amazing acting and stunning direction.

The yummy policewoman Reese Witherspoon is on a mission to protect a drug dealer and his delicious wife Sofia Vergara who will testify against a big boss and drug leader.

The sweet policeman Reese Witherspoon put herself into danger, she must

protect the sexy lady Mrs. Riva (Sofia Vergara) from corrupt gangsters and bad policemen.

You will see the best kind of action,fun and great entertainment from beginning till the end.

Sofia Vergara is a very promising actress and I fell in love with her.

Concerning the stunning Reese Witherspoon, she is indeed a great actress.

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