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Reviewed by ehabich 1 / 10

Disgusting sadistic piece of trash

If one actually enjoys watching snuff movies, then this movie is for you. See beautiful young woman being abused and mutilated in the most horrific and perverse manner imaginable, and get your kicks by seeing murder depicted most explicit. It is unimaginable that people actually want to pay money to see movies like this. Quentin Tarrantino should be ashamed of lending his name to anti-human rubbish like this.

It can be no excuse that this Hollywood crap production is supposedly entertainment, it is simply sexist garbage, aimed at the basest instincts.. the instincts of inhuman and possibly deviant beings. Since the first "Hostel" movie featured the torture of males, the second features the abuse of females, then the third installment will possibly feature the abuse of children.

What an irresponsible piece of trash.

Reviewed by Kashmirgrey 3 / 10

What It Doesn't Borrow It Steals

Apparently, Director Eli Roth has a fetish for "snuff." If fact, in a documentary I watched on the subject recently, Roth is interviewed and becomes visibly "giddy" when he comments on the realism of "Cannibal Holocaust." It is no small wonder that he developed the idea for, and directed the two Hostel films. I don't see that as an admirable quality, but then... I am old school and still believe the best horror isn't in-your-face-gore. I realize I am in the minority these days.

The first "Hostel" was not a great film. It was, in fact, not very good, but what it did have was an intriguing premise: a club whose wealthy members pay to torture and murder abducted people. What worked was that such an idea was not entirely inconceivable. I would argue that such clubs, just like "snuff" films, currently exist, and that was what made the film interestingly creepy for me.

Hostel Part 2, however, offers nothing original. Instead, it robs from various horror films of old. For example, the opening scene mirrors that of Friday The 13th Part 2. In another scene, as I watched a female club-member bathing in the blood of her "purchase", I couldn't decide which vampire film the scene reminded me of most, there are so many. It was at the ending that I actually let a laugh slip. The foiled attempt at irony was followed by a scene reminiscent of "Blood Sucking Freaks". "Hostel" provided solid potential for a redeeming sequel, but instead, "Hostel Part 2" ended up being nothing more than a compilation of already tried and over used gimmicks.

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