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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cathex 5 / 10

All Head and no Body

Visually this film is at times quite stunning, but beyond that there's not much else to recommend it.

Unfortunately, one reviewer had to compare it to Dario Argento's work, which then started a trend. In reality it is only the director of photography that resembled Argento in this film, the actual director had some nice ideas but fails to hold the film together. The comparison with such a brilliant director is nothing short of total nonsense.

The cinematography was the best part of this movie, providing a powerfully attractive opening scene which exquisitely recreates Fuseli's 18th century oil painting, The Nightmare. After this point however the film is gradually let down by weak acting, a poor script and an overall immature plot.

That's unfortunate because it seems this film had potential, taking iconography from sleep paralysis, some interesting ideas provided by Jungian psychology and consistently attractive scene construction. But all of this gets flushed down the pan by a director who seems determined to compromise everything this film could have been with an over reliance on visual effects and music apparently compensating for a lack of any real substance.

This film is the work of a great cinematographer, and a director that needs to develop his ability, especially his screen writing.

Reviewed by Ruben Myers 10 / 10

The Acid Trip Of Your Worst Nightmare!

A stunningly terrifying visual experience like no other. The cinematography was breathtaking along with the haunting musical score. I have never been so entranced by horror film before and that is just what Horsehead did to me. I was captivated by the whole film and was locked into this lucid nightmare. The film was a dreamy jolting ride into the dark side of our subconscious and nightmares. There were mesmerizing colors and frightening images shot with such beautiful detail that it echoed the great Dario Argento. I do not need to get into the plot to say why the film was good, but the actors did a phenomenal job accomplishing this beautiful believable visual nightmare. I recommend everyone give this film a chance and prepare for an enticing visual nightmare for all the senses. I simply describe the film as the acid trip of your worst nightmare.

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10

Wicked crazy

While for some the most famous Horsehead will still remain one that can be seen in Godfather, is this movie an "offer you can't refuse" to watch? That depends on your viewing taste obviously. The movie itself has wicked ideas and some crazy story elements to it, that are not something you are used to see in "normal" movies.

It's still not really great, even though the acting is decent enough and there are enough good effects (not really for the squeamish, even if there are more explicit movies out there). There's also nudity involved, though with all craziness going on, I'm not sure that's something to be upset about or looking forward to. Decent effort, that might not make sense to everybody (which I reckon was intended)

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