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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bernie Binsar 1 / 10

a complete and utter waste of time

I'll make it short, since this "movie" is not even worth too many words - I already wasted too much time watching it anyway. Whoever thought this to be a atmospheric horror flick must be totally new to the genre, the best thing about this movie is the snowy landscape.

It strengthens my point of view that it's never a good start to be the writer, director and producer of a movie. Seems like everyone else was telling those people that their movie is actually crap and they should work a bit more on the script - I for sure would have strongly recommended it. I am glad beyond words that this writer- director-producer jack-of-all-trades spared us an acting "career".

There is absolutely nothing special about this movie. And the really cheap photoshopped inserts of some "internet-content" is just ... lame.

Avoid it You can.

Reviewed by classichollywoodbeauties 1 / 10

One of the worst!

I really love horror movies and I decided to buy this one on Pay per view because it had such an amazing cast - Chloe Sevigny, Tomothy Hutton, and Lydia Hearst. Unfortunately #Horror turned out to be one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen. I actually thought about turning it off several times but I already paid to see it.

First of all it's not even scary! There were no big shocks or frights here. In fact most of the "horror" doesn't even happen until the last 15 minutes. Most of the movie is tween girls dressing up and talking and acting stupid.

Also the very talented cast is totally misused. Chloe Sevigny is always a delight on screen but she has very little to do. She had the one funny scene in the movie (involving lost cell phones) and then she basically disappears until the end. Timothy Hutton is a great actor but he is forced to yell and overact throughout the entire movie. Then they cast the gorgeous model/heiress Lydia Hearst and she is only on screen for a minute.

The other problem is that the plot is supposed to be about bullying but I could not tell who the victim was. All the girls are horrible and say mean, cruel things to each other. They are all playing evil bullies so how is the audience supposed to sympathize with anyone.

The director tries to be cool buy adding images of social media, online games, and hash tags but it just reminds you how bad the movie is. The ending is predictable and at the same time confusing. Skip this movie and please don't make the mistake of paying for it like I did.

Reviewed by rushknight 6 / 10

What's the point exactly?

This film suffers from what can only be described as a surplus of ideas that don't really add to the final point very well. That the movie is a horror film is a given. The title makes it clear. The heavy atmosphere, the music, the ridiculous animations.. They all point to a horror film of some sort.

But unfortunately the rest of the substance in the film is something of a confusing mess.

I won't pick on the actors, because frankly I think they did an admirable job for such young actresses playing a part in such a disturbing movie. Granted, their acting wasn't flawless, it was actually rather forced. But after repeating some of their lines to myself and considering better ways to deliver them, I've decided that the forced acting is mostly the fault of the writing. The emotional context behind the words keeps shifting at a breakneck pace, and it's really hard to pull off on screen without feeling choppy.

So I can forgive the girls for that.

However, the lack of focus in this film is its biggest problem. I couldn't decide what idea the director was trying to get at in any given scene. We had cathartic confessions where the girls bond, only to be ripped apart again by petty elementary school level dialogue. We had the dysfunctional parents deeply neglecting their children, and then going haywire, the girls themselves suffering from all sorts of deeply personal problems, bullying, the concept of being "too rich to be happy", a local legend of a crazy slasher is inserted, and the idea that a person's imperfections make them good slasher bait (a popular idea in hundreds of slasher films, appropriate even for 12 year old girls it seems).

And the only thing tying it all together is the notion that being addicted to social media will cause you to disassociate yourself from reality while filming it all live for your followers to watch with interest. But honestly even that idea seems to fade away after a little while. It doesn't feel like it's as important a thing as it should be.

If you were confused at all by the last paragraphs then you understand what I'm trying to say. So many ideas, so jumbled.

The only justification for this level of thematic bombardment must be to confuse the viewer so that they don't guess what's really happening. But honestly, anyone who really watches the movie with even a little bit of attention can see what's really going on. The ending was not a surprise.

All in all I'm not sure what hook this movie is using to lure people to watch it. I think the fact that it features 12 year old girls and horror IS the hook. It's sort of morally decadent to submit girls that young to many of the things in this film.

I feel a little disgusting for having watched it, can't say I enjoyed it much. But it wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen by any means. If the director can clear up the mess of ideas a little, I feel like a second shot is in order. Maybe another movie along the same vein. Maybe a sequel. Ha. Maybe not.

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