Herbie Goes Bananas


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Herbie Goes Bananas (1980) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
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Cloris Leachman as Aunt Louise
Alex Rocco as Quinn
Harvey Korman as Captain Blythe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stefan Kahrs 3 / 10

A journey too far

Easily the weakest of the series, this is a film the Herbie franchise could have done without. Having a child as the nominal lead in an essentially adult role is a surprisingly common motif in children's movies; surprisingly, because more often than not it fails to work and it certainly fails here. Eight-year old taxi drivers? I think not, not even in Mexico. Our Paco is more annoying than lovable and I found myself rooting for the villains instead.

Clearly the writers are to blame for the mess - the cast is actually quite good, e.g. you cannot ask for much better villains than John Vernon, Alex Rocco and Richard Jaeckel, but they were fighting a loosing battle against a rotten script.

The best asset of the film is Harvey Korman who shows the right spirit, and is given the freedom to act out his madcap humour. Neither his routines nor his character fit very well into the story, but the story is so weak one does not care.

Reviewed by Bill Jones 3 / 10

Herbie stinks in this film

Yanking a few scenes from this Herbie would have been smart. Rework the "walk the plank" into some other way to get the bug to it's destination. There are some very comical parts in this movie. Leachman and Martin Smith put character into the movie. The rest were along for the ride and you knew it. The villains were more smart and ruthless in this episode than others. However there were some real stupid moves that disagreed with this notion. The scene with the plane and the heavy gold disk was an insult to everyone's intelligence. Great care should be used to leave magic and mystery where expected (Herbie and Coincidence)but not go beyond the laws of physics in other parts of the production. Large gold objects rolling around inside a small aircraft will destroy it very quickly. Not much racing in this one either. I find my kids watch the other Herbie movies and this sits on the shelf

Reviewed by Baldach 3 / 10

adios Herbie

This was the last Herbie movie to my knowledge. If it wasn't the last, it was defintely the worst. What else do you call a movie when a Mexican child calls Herbie "ocho" ( he adds up Herbie famous number "53" and gets eight). Then this Mexican child does a horrible paint job and starts using Herbie to run a taxi service. In my humble opinion the only reason to watch this film is to see what sort cellouiod trash Disney was putting out before Michael Eisner took over.

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