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Leslie Bibb as Vanessa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siderite 8 / 10

Finally a parody I loved!

I grew up with parodies, stuff that was making fun of other movies through references rather than vulgarity or silliness. I tried to enjoy many of the parodies of today and I couldn't, because they were not meant to be real movies, they didn't have acting, but just an ugly caricature of the art.

I am happy to report that Hell Baby is a really fun parody of possession movies! It references a lot of them, but not in a direct recreation of scenes or using toilet humor, instead by taking the parody and putting it into a well acted film. All actors involved played really well, but Rob Corddry was the highlight of the film. Also Keegan-Michael Key added a lot to the comedy of the situation.

The plot is that a family awaiting twins move into a run down house in a bad neighborhood. The house is possessed and soon lovely Leslie Bibb, the pregnant mother, is as well. The demolition of horror cliches soon follows.

Bottom line: I am not really into comedies and I don't easily laugh at them. Parodies have to be even better than a normal comedy, because I've seen the movies they are making fun of and they have to be at least funnier than those - which is a hard thing to do for some of the horror films around. And yet I really enjoyed Hell Baby and I recommend it to just about everyone. Well done!

Reviewed by Tony Heck 5 / 10

A movie that is funny but gets repetitive and loses steam toward the end. The cast is funny but can only carry the movie so far.

"It started with white people moving into the neighborhood." Jack (Corddry) and Vanessa (Bibb) are expecting twins and have just moved into a new neighborhood. Before they can get settled they are told the history of the house they are in. Vanessa begins to experience strange things but doesn't realize it. Jack is worried and questions what is happening. So, what can I say about this. The group that did Reno 911 did this movie so that is the baseline to go off of. The jokes that were in Haunted House and Scary Movie 5 are pretty much repeated again here. Some of the jokes go on a little too long while others are funny at first but begin to tire after the repetition. It is hard to say too many bad things about this because the cast is funny and really carry the movie for as long as they can but like the other two movies I mentioned it can't sustain laughs the entire time. This is a movie that would be better watched in twenty minute segments rather then all at once. Overall, a movie that is funny but gets repetitive and loses steam toward the end. I give it a B-.

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