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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkrauser-81-311064 3 / 10

Went to Hell and Almost Didn't Come Back

Hell and Back is for all intense and purposes a cinematic inevitability. TV today is filled to the brim with adult cartoon shows catering to a certain male demographic trapped in a state of arrested development. The best of these shows are every bit as artful, thoughtful and entertaining as any 30-minute sitcom. Yet for every Bob's Burgers (2011-present) and Archer (2009-present) there's a cringe-worthy time-waster like American Dad! (2005-present) that threatens to derail the entire adult toon genre with gleeful insult humor and lazy references.

Hell and Back is brought to you by the same stop-motion studios as Robot Chicken (2005-present) a fifteen minute sketch show involving action figures and claymation figures. The plot revolves around three underachieving friends who work at a rundown pier side carnival. Curt (Riggle) assistant manages while Remy (Swardson) works primarily on the Hell's Gate ride featuring a few cheap scares for the price of a few dollars and your dignity. Augie (Miller), the chubby third wheel of the group works as the mechanic, or at least I think he does; it doesn't really matter. What does matter is the trio come across a demonic book, Curt swears a blood oath on it, immediately renigs and is dragged to hell. Remy and Augie follow him and face demons, assorted tortures and the Devil (Odenkirk) himself to save their friend from eternal damnation.

As with Robot Chicken, the animation style in this film evokes the memory of Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas (1987) only with a displeasing slurry of dirty jokes and adult situations. The same sophomoric, sporadic and anarchic humor we've seen on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup debuts on the big screen only without pathos, perspective, immediacy, topicality or energy. All of the humor is crude for the sake of being crude as if two twelve-year-old boys wrote the script and had a quota for the amounts of f***s, s***s and q****s they were required to squeeze in.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no shrinking violet when it comes to crude, rude and politically incorrect jokes. I don't raise my nose at George Carlin's seven words you can't say on TV or the occasionally funny Family Guy (1999-present) gag. But crudeness for crudeness sake does not a good movie make. The film features bluntly stated dialogue discussing lewd sex acts, the shame of virginity in your 20's and one unbearably drawn-out discussion of tree rape that is brought up several times. Ironically the jokes that made me chuckle the hardest were the subtle ones such as a soul being tortured by a demon by trying to order a pepperoni pizza from a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Express.

Those of you who are a fan of ShadowMachine Films and their genre expanding TV shows will be mightily disappointed by this stop-motion slacker comedy. Despite some funny one-off jokes, Hell and Back has precious few redeeming qualities outside it's talented voice cast. The movie's dialogue is crass and confusing while it's sight-gags are obvious and undeveloped. The story is awful featuring three obnoxious leads who learn nothing from their experience; other than maybe devil's brew is delicious. The side characters are worse still including an ineffective devil, a boring tag-along in Mila Kunis's half-human, half-demon Deema, and an especially braggadocios Orpheus (McBride). Do yourself a favor, miss this trip to hell and watch a few episodes of BoJack Horseman (2014-present), a show that better represents a descent into hell. It's also so much funnier.

Reviewed by HorrorOverEverything 4 / 10

Slightly Entertaining But Mostly Just Really Stupid

I really wanted to like this film a lot, but as the film progressed that got harder and harder to do. Every step of the way the film tries to be as raunchy and as inappropriate as possible. Which would have been fine if the Raunchy/Inappropriate humor was funny, but about 85% of it just isn't. It's the kind of jokes that I use to make with my friends when I was in middle school, when I first started understanding what all those dirty words meant. That kind of humor is just not amusing enough to carry an 1 & 20 minute film.

The one thing that the film did have going for it is the animation, the settings all looked really good. Hell was cool, Satan looked awesome, and characters were all very well done. Unfortunately the voices for the most part just don't seem to fit. There were a few times where I kind of felt like I was watching one of those you tube videos where people dub over children's cartoons in an effort to be funny.

I enjoy animated stuff aimed at adults, however it seems like for the most part it just doesn't work when it comes to films. There are plenty of great animated TV shows for adults (Archer, South Park, Bob's Burgers, etc) but when I try to think of great animated movies for adults the only one that really comes to mind is South Park: Bigger, Larger, and Uncut. "Hell & Back" had a lot of promise, it's filled with very funny people doing the voices for the characters and the premise seemed like it opened up a lot of room for very funny situations. However, the previous reviewers were not wrong about this one.

This wasn't absolutely horrible, but it just wasn't good. It was entertaining enough to keep me watching but most of the jokes just fall flat and the comedians who lended their voices to the film are mostly wasted on a very poor/unfunny script. I wanted to like it, but I just didn't.


Reviewed by SeakDub 1 / 10

The Devil Would Rate This A ZERO!

Seriously, if The Devil had a review for "Hell and Back" it would be given a big whopping ZERO! And let me start by saying one of my all time favorite films is Evil Dead. And to have this movie take a scene(even if they didn't get it from Evil Dead) was a big slap to my face. It was like stealing a joke and trying to add on to it and thinking it was the best joke they came up with when truly it was garbage.

Short review here- Try Fantastic Four(2015) first, if you like that, then waste your time here as well! For both are awful!

The movie was about a hour and thirty minutes, but felt like I was in Hell all along, eternal damnation. I was so thankful that it did end! Knowing I wasn't in Hell, but maybe that was the point all along, a movie so bad it made you feel like you were in Hell. But regardless, every single joke, if you call them jokes, stupid. Hold on, let me find a bigger word, GODAWFUL! Hah!

I believe it was twice, it showed The Devil crying from a book. Actually tears rolling down it. I truly want to believe that The Devil was crying for how he was portrayed in the movie. At how bad the movie was. I mean, can you imagine making this movie, and having it turn out The Devil is truly alive and you get sent to Hell thanks to being the writer and director for this movie? I mean good luck to the director, writer, whoever had a part of creating this movie. Because he will not go easy on them like they showed within the movie.

"Welcome to Hell" - Demons. All the demons would say that, if you ask me, maybe the movie was bad on purpose to show this is what Hell really is. But I highly doubt they meant for that, so I gave it a one star, and by God I haven't done that in awhile!! From the start, the very start it became annoying and horrendous. I don't think I cracked a smile throughout the entire film. Needless to say, one part of the movie I did chuckle. A part I don't even remember, but it got one small chuckle from me. Otherwise I was wondering when the movie would be over.

"Migraines in Hell are really bad."- Remy. Watching the movie was Hell. Having a migraine thanks to the movie equals Migraine in Hell. That quote spoke to me. Lot of random scenes, conversations, music especially, and just nothing felt right. Felt like they were talking fast and rushing the movie going from one part to the next. But kept adding more and more when you think the bloody movie was gonna end. Ton of stupid F bombs, sex jokes that were outdated, a slow mo part that had me wonder how I made it this far. Horrible stop animation. A movie that could have gone somewhere, but was destroyed. Plot/Story is what caught my attention, that and dark humor. Crushed is a good word to use after watching the movie and realizing this is what we got.

The cast, which I hate to say about the actors and actresses, but I couldn't stand any of them. Bob Odenkirk was a supreme lawyer in Breaking Bad, but as the Devil? Kinda just annoyingly stupid. Mila Kunis is on a bad movie streak, coming also from Jupiter Ascending(EWW!) in the same year. All the other actors and actresses were either annoying to hear their voices or just couldn't stand them. Almost every single one of them I try to avoid because they all have the same character in all their films/jokes.

In conclusion, because I rather just stop myself now, the movie was a waste. A waste of time to me. A waste of money to make. A waste of space on IMDb. Start to finish, a crappy introduction, migraine throughout the middle, and complete let down for an ending. Thanks for reading the review and hopefully you read it before watching the film!!

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