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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vidtime 5 / 10

Definitely not great - but quirky enough

I'll be honest I dloaded this by accident thinking I was getting something else. After watching it and then seeing the reviews here I looked up the disc art and I can see why someone would be angry if that was what they were expecting...because a big science fiction action film it is not...it's not even really an action film. Watching it with no expectations I found it to be a very weird indie kinda film - weird, but just quirky enough to make me interested in parts...had some elements of science fiction stuff, but wasn't really too much of any kind of film. Overall the acting was hit and miss, some very wooden (as others said) but some pretty OK. There were enough odd moments in the film to keep me interested, and some neat ideas...overall it was below average, but I bump it back up to 5 (average) because it was different.

Reviewed by tinatspoon 1 / 10

Save yourself the pain

I like bad films. Films that are 'so bad it's good', but this? It's just bad. So awful that I stopped watching after 25 minutes and I can't remember ever doing that before. The acting is wooden, which I can overlook in films because they're entertainingly bad and have redeeming features, but this was just painful to watch. The main character is uninteresting, there are too many irrelevant characters and interactions, and it seems in this futuristic vision everyone is an *sshole. For a city sector that is crumbling the pavements are surprisingly clean, but this film is a mess. The UK DVD cover looks like it should be an action movie, the synopsis read like it had potential, so for £3 in ASDA I took a chance on it but it's going straight to the charity shop.

Reviewed by Millis Leonard Miller 1 / 10

Anything is better than spending time watching this!

This is truly an appalling movie: there is nothing to recommend or redeem it in the slightest. The acting is so wooden it makes Pinocchio look like an Oscar- winning character actor, the plot is so confusing that you don't know what the main character is doing, or why, and even understand how it ends and the scenes are basic to say the least. It's set in a future where a presumably dangerous city (devoid of any transport) is policed by unarmed cops, and all the criminals are equally unarmed. Characters appear and disappear throughout the 98 mins of cinematic torture without rhyme nor reason: distinctive clothing or characteristics make no difference to whether they stay or not and if they make any impact on the story. I've no idea how anyone can score it anything better than awful: it's certainly the worst movie I've actually sit through as opposed to walking out before the end, though I should have done to save my time.

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