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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

A sideline in money laundering

If in watching Heist you see some resemblance to the Keanu Reeves film Speed I'm sure that was intentional. Passengers in danger on a bus hurtling down a highway with gunmen holding hostages is certainly guaranteed to quicken the pulse of the movie goer.

One big difference is that in Speed Dennis Hopper was putting the passengers in harm's way quite deliberately with those remote control bombs. Here this Mobile city bus is taken by robbers in a failed getaway and the whole thing is being improvised.

Robert DeNiro who looked tired and I'm sure got a hefty paycheck really kind of phones in his performance. He's the owner/operator of a casino which has a sideline in money laundering. I've written before about prominent players who took a job to work in some exotic location, but Mobile, Alabama.

Anyway longtime casino employee Jeffrey Dean Morgan asks DeNiro for a $300,000.00 loan for his little girl's medical treatment. Guess DeNiro didn't have good health insurance for his people. When he gets turned down Morgan and Dave Bautista and others conceive of a plan to rob the casino.

When the chase starts after Officer Gina Carano spots something wrong from her patrol car it all gets interesting. After that a whole lot of people aren't quite what they appear to be at first. Among them Carano and Mark-Paul Gosselaar a police lieutenant. As far as Gosselaar is concerned he's not Zack Morris grown up with a badge. The only one who is constant is Morris Chestnut who is DeNiro's chief enforcer. He's a coldblooded killer who really enjoys his work throughout.

Heist has some interesting moments. Best in the cast are Carano and Morgan. But boiled down it's your average crime caper.

It's also one great advertisement for Obama Healthcare.

Reviewed by Paul Wycherley 7 / 10

enjoyable thriller

Director scott mann is on the rise, from his 2009 hit "the tournament" to this 2015 film the heist his films are getting better and better. The heist is a story of a desperate casino worker that cant afford to pay for his daughter medical bills and after his mob boss at the casino turns him down for a loan and fires him its time for last resort.....raid the casino and escape by any means. Jeffrey dean morgan plays the desperate dad with dave bautista as the heist leader and i have to say his acting skills are improving with every film he is doing, with robert de niro as the casino owner and morris chestnut as his right hand man heist is a good thriller with a well played out story that keeps your attention from start to finish.

Reviewed by Gino Cox 7 / 10

Interesting characters and performances, but a script that needs work

"Heist" a/k/a "Bus 657" offers strong performances and decent production values. The script has several strengths. The characters are interesting and multifaceted and the dialogue is good. The characters are given backstories and complex histories with one another, but those histories aren't developed sufficiently for the audience to understand some of the choices the characters make.

Some aspects seem contrived, such as the girl's critical illness and urgent need for surgery that somehow leaves her appearing healthy and rosy-cheeked, the hospital's ultimatum or the lack of other options like crowd-sourcing fundraisers. One plot device seemed much more appropriate in a 1990 Bill Murray comedy than a gritty action film. A feared gangster takes extraordinary steps to prevent anybody from ever imagine they can steal from him, but is robbed twice in a week. The casino seems to have less security for its cash than most casinos have on their alcohol.

One wishes filmmakers would take the time to do some rudimentary research. There are numerous images on Google of one million dollars in hundred-dollar bills. If half the money were in twenties, it would take up three times as much space. Used bills occupy possibly twenty percent more space than new bills. If a character runs around with a bag that's too small to hold the amount of money it's supposed to hold, people are likely to wonder where the rest of the money is.

The script has more holes than Emmentaler. At times the characters seem to act without any comprehensible motive. At other times, they have very real and believable motives. The script has a couple of nice twists, although they really need a better foundation than a brief allusion or quick background shot to make them seem believable. It would have been nice to get to know some of the passengers, particularly as they make choices that impact the outcome.

With a little more effort and development, it could have been a really good script. Strong performances by Morgan and De Niro and interesting turns by Bautista and Chestnut make the film a worthwhile viewing experience.

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