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Reviewed by nicholas_pepper 1 / 10

Good plot ruined

The idea behind this film is good even if stolen from an old movie. Simon Phillips is about the only think that stopped me from walking out. The way the SAS is shown is a joke, didn't even get the uniforms correct let alone their standard operating methods. Sure some might say this doesn't matter but watch "Act of Valour" or "Special Forces" both much better movies. The acting in "Acts of Valour" was poor but much more watchable than this is because the special forces team are shown correctly. They apparently even used some ex-seal members. It doesn't look like they even did any research for this let alone consultant ex-members. Once again a lazy approach ruins a potentially great movie.

Reviewed by tjbdtp 1 / 10

Take Truth, This Dare's Not Worth It.

Quite possibly the most inept and ridiculous depiction of the SAS ever committed to fiction. These lads look like they've never staged any operation in the field before. For elite experts, they come across as unwary and amateur. The story could have been marginally interesting, but there are far too many nonsensical actions take by the kidnappers.

What makes this film truly unwatchable, though, is the style! It looks like someone is trying to make a hip music video with unwarranted flashes of light, superimpositions, and jarring effects. Far from capturing a sense of anything (is there any sense to be captured?) this approach simply ends up with us detached from the action and feeling as though it's all being trivialized.

Do. Not. Watch.

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