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Reviewed by a_baron 2 / 10


How to describe "Hayride" ? A rather pointless slasher flick, a genre that by 2012 had been a cliché for two if not three decades. Here we see a mysterious character - mysterious in a sense, because there is never any doubt as to his identity, not that it matters - murdering people left right and centre, guys as well as gals just in case there are some in the audience who might be tempted to play the "violence against women" card. Audience, what audience? Heck, would anyone watch this if it were not on YouTube? Seriously, as someone said of a Snoopy Green film, I saw it for free, and I still want my money back.

If you are into gore, very weak special effects, the occasional shriek of a damsel, and a mystery that can't be solved because it is really no mystery, you might find something of interest here, or as Abraham Lincoln said once, people who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like.

Reviewed by Bloodmarsh Krackoon 1 / 10

Richard Tyson...

The best way to describe 'Hayride' - is just another run of the mill slasher flick. You know, big guy finds a mask and kills people for the hell of it? That kind of thing. It's been done numerous times, and most of those stunk, too.

But does anyone else remember Richard Tyson growing up? I still remember this guy from 'Three O'Clock High.' You know, the 26 year old man who somehow finds himself still in high school picking on wimpy kids. I've never met Richard Tyson, but he comes across as the kind of guy you'd want to hang out with - but you'd fear for your life while doing so. So, what about 'Hayride?' Well, it stinks - everything about it stinks, other than the fond memories of Buddy Revell.

Random Rambling's of a Madman: This review has little to do with the actual movie 'Hayride,' and rightfully so, since it stinks, anyway. I'd like to spend this time thanking Richard Tyson, not for being a great actor - that's never been a reachable goal - but for the fond memories, and for being that cool dude that you'd want to meet and hang out with.

Reviewed by Nigel P 3 / 10


Don't be put off by the 'cheeky' packaging. It features a hooded figure that could be Michael Myers (and who doesn't appear in the film) and the 'Halloween' part of the title is highlighted in a familiar font. But this is nothing to do with any 'Halloween' series – it was originally called 'Hayride' and then 'Pitchfork Murders' before settling on its current derivative title.

Colours are quite garish, unusually for a horror – making the grass look grassier, the (CGI) rain look rainier and the blood look bloodier! Then the cutesy young couple show up making fun of creepy local superstitions. They are not obnoxious in the way teens are often portrayed as being, but as their bland, squeaky exposition continues, I look forward to the prospect of the stocky escaped 'bat **** crazy' killer coming for them – although as events roll on, their inoffensive simplicity is probably the most consistent thing about this story.

The Halloween Hayride takes place at the same time as the legendary killer appears to be on a killing spree. So while the young people are having a great time scaring each other, nearby a couple of policemen stumble upon a number of the killer's victims. Do they warn the youngsters about what is happening? Not at all. This is a curious lack of logic that makes it difficult to retain interest in the goings-on. The twist is that the person we think is the killer actually isn't, and the heroine decides that the moment of their assailant's death is the time to announce she is pregnant. Cue a post credits scene that reveals the killer isn't dead after all.

Low budget films can be incredibly good. They belie a lack of resources by being unconstrained by the limitations imposed by big studios and money-men. But when the main purpose appears to be the intention of making a horror-by-numbers that has been done many times before in the last 25 years, it's confounding.

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