Haunting of Cellblock 11


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Haunting of Cellblock 11 (2014) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 34%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timothy235 8 / 10

faithful execution of a tried and true formula

This is your standard low budget horror movie about ghost hunters who finally find the real thing. There's a formula for that kind of movie and this movie follows that formula. I like that. If you are a horror buff who likes ghosts then this movie will deliver the emotional roller coaster ride that you expect. For me that makes it a success. I enjoyed this movie and recommend it.

Also, all the protagonists are decent likable people. I really like that in a horror movie, and IMO it's one of the reasons why Asian horror is often so much better than US films. I want to like and care about the characters on the screen. In this movie that is easy to do. That fact alone makes this movie better than similar fare like Grave Encounters.

Reviewed by foxdogehound 3 / 10

Just another generic haunted prison movie we don't need

I'm here to give you a REAL review of this movie, not some extreme movie critic review bullsh*t. You may find some of the things I say to be spoilers, but this movie is already spoiled. Don't watch this and expect to get what the title of the movie tells you. I hated every single character of this movie and couldn't wait for them to die. Joel and Kate want a vacation yet their adult career is a ghost hunter. The fat guy is always talking about food and acts stupid, then just vanishes from the movie. Roger is just that irritating anti-everything that nobody really wants in the group and all he does is inconvenience everyone. The story of the location in this movie is very short but sweet. Classic twisted doctor that tortures people in a few interesting ways compared to your standard murderer, just not enough ways. The guy in charge telling the story was creepy as f*ck the whole time. Sh*t started to pick up eventually with something I've never seen in any of these movies, but then they ruined it with cheesy music. You can find scarier music/sound files in a Google search. Before I knew it, the movie was over and only one person died. What an unfinished, generic story. This had potential to be good if it was done a little better and the actual story extended. Not worth watching. Grave Encounters is way better.

Reviewed by bfp13108 1 / 10

Saw this for free on Amazon Instant Prime...what a total waste of time.

This piece of junk never should have made it past the editing desk. It isn't scary. The premise is lame. The actors act as if they are being paid minimum wage. There is NOTHING original about this movie.

The "charming" host, Jefferey SS Johnson, looks like he was picked up by scouts outside an AA meeting. Compared to Johnson, David Caruso in CSI might as well have won an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Poor little Dee Wallace seems to be slumming.

Burger Boy looked like he was found inside a dumpster just outside an In & Out. There is nothing positive I can say about John Zderko except maybe he should go back to summer stock theater.

The single bright star of the movie (and its only redeeming feature) was Linara Washington. When they decide to do a decent biopic of Whitney Houston, there's your star. The resemblance between the two, especially when W.H. did The Bodyguard, is absolutely stunning. Think Jennifer Hudson doing the vocals and you have a blockbuster. I even think Ms. Washington could do an early Diana Ross, pre-Supremes split. Someone to definitely watch.

The script was even more dreadful than the special effects, if that is even possible.

If you want to watch this on Amazon Prime for free and feel like wasting 90 minutes of your life - hey, it's your life. Otherwise, throw it straight into the circular file.

P.S. There was not a single scary moment in the entire film. In fact I started thinking I should take the dog out to do his business about fifteen minutes into the film.

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