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Danny Trejo as Ortiz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OldAFSarge 2 / 10

Goes right along with the other crap Sy-Fy has been showing.

NOTE: Contains one or two small things that could be a "SPOILER," if that is even possible with this piece of Sy-Fy junk. I was taught way back to say at least something nice before you say something bad about someone or something, so the good parts are the appearance of M.C. Gainey who was very good as Bo Crowder in the series "Justified" which just happens to be my favorite FX series. He was also in a short-lived series named "Happy Town." To my disappointment, Charisma Carpenter who has appeared in some really good series, such as "Buffy" and "Angel" (Spoiler Now) lasted all of about 20 minutes in "Haunted High." Lauren Pennington and Shawn C. Phillips did a good job with what they had to work with, which wasn't much. I have to say that I really like Danny Trejo and he has appeared in way too many good shows to list, so Danny was this just a paycheck.

A tiny bit about the actual show, as Michael from Louisville, covered it very well, so I won't rehash it all, but good old M.C. Gainey along with his long-dead-lover played by Misty Marshall are given the chance to rise again and raise hell in what appears to a private school, with very few students and some really drab uniforms. Some dumb-a-s history teacher sort of steals a gold coin type of item and drops it and that opens the door so old M.C. and lover aka demon can slip through to this side and raise a little school hell and make really bad puns. This show goes off in several directions at once and not many of them make sense. You don't get to know or even care about the students. I won't give away the end, but if you haven't figured it out in the first half-hour, then you are not a fan of the Sy-Fy Saturday night movie(s). The rest of cast is really not worth mentioning although there were a couple of cute girls and the required a—hole guys. Since this was filmed in New Orleans, they could have made better use of the site than what they did. OK, my vote is only 2 stars out of 10.

Reviewed by movieman_kev 6 / 10

A nice change of pace to the recent 'nature run amok' SyFy movies

The demonic ghost of a long-dead school headmaster, along with his equally dead, but considerably more attractive, wife haunt a high school after a teacher dares to steal a gold coin owned by the ghost's grandson. Starring Danny Trejo as the janitor seeking his dead love,Justified's MC Gainey as the pun-afflicted demon, and the prolific Shawn C. Phillips as the token fat kid.

As to offer a counterpoint to the other reviews, I didn't find this to be a bad SyFy film, much less 'the worst' and actually found it no be a nice change of pace to the recent crop of 'nature run amok' offerings that they've been airing as of late. The acting is all right for a film of its ilk and the film was a bit of fun, although granted, the groan worthy puns by the ghost are pretty bad.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

SyFy have done much worse than Haunted High, but that doesn't stop it from being lame...

Generally I hate SyFy movies with a passion. Haunted High is thankfully not one of their worst, the zombie frog sequence is fun if all too brief, Shawn C.Phillips and Lauren Pennington are likable and while Danny Trejo deserved much better he does what he can. On the other hand, a lot of the film was lame. The rest of the acting is bland, but there is no wonder when their material was as under-par as it was. I had a feeling that the characters would be stereotypes as they always are when it comes to SyFy, I wasn't necessarily put off by that. It was that few of them were memorable or had any spark to them. They were further disadvantaged by some embarrassingly stilted dialogue that never rings true and by a story that manages to be both predictable and dull with no chills or suspense and the attacks and ending were too contrived to be believable. The music is also repetitive, while Haunted High is also very cheap to look at with very choppy editing and while the effects have been worse before in SyFy movies they are substandard here at best. So in conclusion, a lame movie but at the same time it could've been much worse. 4/10 Bethany Cox

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