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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmAddict303 5 / 10

80s throwback

I have been following and looking forward to this film for some time. Part of the reason was that Studio ADI was involved and they were focussing on using practical effects.

Sadly I don't know whether it was due to budget or deadlines but the effects were not up to their usual standard. They reminded me a lot of the creature effects you'd see in those low budget 80s monster movies.

The poor effects could have been overlooked if the film had a decent script and actors but it doesn't.

Sadly I think they missed the mark with this one. They could of made a really suspenseful and disturbing film along the lines of The Thing, but what they ended up with was a pretty average monster movie that will quickly be forgotten.

Unless you're a fan of those 80s monster movies I wouldn't recommend it.

Reviewed by renegadenorth 8 / 10

I really liked this movie...

I think it would be easy to criticize this movie in the context of the current climate of cinema movies being released as it doesn't fit in to this era at all. That said I think it will hold up over time like many titles you didn't expect to do so. It works as a homage to the great creature horror movies of previous decades like Alien/s and The Thing and has that magic ingredient of keeping me 'in' for the duration of what would otherwise be a schlocky genre. The special effects, which were all practical effects I found very enjoyable to watch. In some scenes they aren't as sleek as I would have liked but mostly they had that creepy-artistic effect that I haven't seen in a while. The characters were a little stereotyped but that is fine in this kind of film, and they all seemed to be having a fun time on set which again isn't a common commodity in Hollywood anymore. It would hold up very nicely as part of a retro horror night of films alongside the likes of The Thing, but more in the arena of the home cinema; a movie to watch with a beer, and since this is where all movies end up maybe it is the true yardstick.

Reviewed by cheighlee 4 / 10

Came for the effects, left because everything else

It's hard to bash bad indie movies generally and Harbinger Down is no exception. So I'll try to keep this short and more critically factual.

This movie was kick-started by The Thing (2011) prequel's SFX leftovers that didn't pan out in the final cut of the movie so this thing got birthed on the actual Kickstarter. Inspired by the above mentioned - The Thing, and a bit of Alien, Harbinger Down storyline follows a group of people that for various reasons end up aboard the Harbinger - crab boat. After a short while, they stumble onto something frozen in ice, shenanigans ensue.

It's almost a classic-legacy horror/scifi setup these days, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Here it doesn't and the reasons why that is are numerous. I'll mention just a few of those reasons.

Right of the bat, the movie logo itself contains suspiciously similar fonts to ALIEN (HARBINGER part) and PREDATOR (DOWN part). Not a good sign.

Then there are POV found footage moments that are just random and makes you wonder why's this here? And the rest of the photography is similarly bad. Weird, too close and generally bad camera angles don't make this a pleasant viewing at all.

Characters are blank and the acting is bad most of the time. Lance Henriksen being the exception, everyone else was just not good. Leading lady was boring with some forgettable flat performances. The token white guy with beard and the token black guy were also bad as was the Russian lady.

Ah, the Russian lady. She had some truly brilliant script pieces in this. Moments like "Do you make-up, sis?", or something like that, were the moments where you question yourself why are you watching this in the first place? Also the thing that she looks kinda botoxed and nip-tucked with some super-fake contact lenses and you can see that she is actually wearing some makeup, makes this particular question even more stupid.

So, the story is bleh, script is dumb, acting is the same, are the effects any good? No. I mean, they sold this movie most on that part - the practical special effects, but they are wildly uneven and mostly cheap. Which is kinda the most disappointing, because there are some SFX veteran names in this movie.

If this movie was shot (way) better with better SFX, bad acting and dumb story would be forgiven. But it wasn't and it lacks in almost all the major parts that make a movie. Script is dumb, acting is not that good, story is recycled billion times by now, effects are not that good and as a bonus there are some just cringe, face-palm inducing moments.

It's watchable, but I see no reason why you should do that. Maybe for Lance, but he just sorta breezed through this and didn't make this movie that much better by appearing in it.

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