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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
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Joni Barth as Rachel's Mom
Kirsten Berman as Jenny
Mark Boone Junior as Victor's Father
Joseph Castanon as Little Mackie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lllmorin 4 / 10

The trailer is better than the movie

I watched the trailer and was excited to watch a movie about what goes down in a commune. It seems so mysterious to me. I wanted their insight to their world. I will agree that the artistic images are very beautiful and acid trippy. I was disappointed because the characters are not developed. Yeah, I get it...they do drugs, they have sex, OK this is clear and this one kid wants to get out and leave. He wanted money that belonged to him. His mother is wealthy.I wanted to know what the hang up was with his mother. and Becky? so many people seemed affected by her. These kids all have this dark side to them. Not much different than troubled teenagers out here in this world. I might not watch this movie again. It lacked a plot. I would have also liked to see what Victor does out in the real world on his own. What was this movie about? The communal living? Victor? Becky? the other children? Insley resembled Timothy Leary...and don't get me started on symbolism. If you want to watch this movie, go ahead and decide for yourself, you may enjoy it you may not. I felt empty after I watched it. It has the potential to be so much more. I am not a movie critic I am just a regular person.

Reviewed by karika1999 7 / 10

Interesting and all should be warned about a particular scene

I found this movie interesting. It was probably healing for the man whose experiences it was based on. I read several negative reviews when I took a break in the middle of the movie. Apart from the burn scene, I liked it (I saw a spoiler and skipped that scene). I felt the main character, Victor, was likable and expressed well by the actor. All of the young actors did a great job in my opinion. I felt the same about Andie McDowell as I always have, she comes off like she is reading her lines. I was just wondering where Rutger Hauer was the other day and this movie popped up in my suggestions box. I feel he portrayed Insley as well as could be expected with the limited amount of screen time. Others have said this movie could be so much more- it was from the youth perspective. We could have seen Insley and the other adults more if it were about them, but it wasn't. It was about the pain the creator felt growing up in a half utopia. The commune creators got parts of it right (lots of cannabis and open sex and nudity, sharing everything), but missed other important facets to utopian life like equality, avoiding chemicals, open dialogue that involved all members of the society including children, and likely natural parenting with attachment parenting (oh and not brainwashing through hypnosis is a biggie). The kids seemed messed up like the kids I grew up with, not what I would expect from a supposed utopian society. I would recommend it as interesting.

Reviewed by daniel 5 / 10

Poor script

I saw the film at its opening in Hollywood yesterday. Although the actors do a pretty good job and the photography is beautiful, there is definitely a lack of something in that movie. A lot of characters, but never really fully developed. What's that girl's problem, the one who self-inflict cuttings or her thighs and arms? Why did Becky commit suicide? I suppose it's meant to trigger Victor's departure but it's unclear. It looks like a minor climax, but where is the big one? What's with those two kids smoking pot all day long? It's more comical than anything else. And that climax that really never comes... That scenario never takes off and ends up being pointless.

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