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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by horrorinpureform 9 / 10

The Green Room may not be the best movie I've seen this year (although it also may be). It is the most entertaining and thrilling one by far though, that's for certain.

A punk band made up of poor friends tours in a broken van, playing their songs at hole-in-the-wall places. They unknowingly are sent to play a gig at a neo-nazi commune. It goes "OK" until they accidentally enter a room where a girl has just been murdered, and are locked inside by the neo-Nazis. A mostly-enclosed game of cat- and-mouse ensues between the band members and the skinheads.

I liked so many things about this film, I will probably forget to mention half of them. The slow beginning which really lets you get a feel for the characters, the progression into an enclosed-location movie for a lot of its running time (I love one-location movies), the "opening a can of worms" moment that just makes everything descend into chaos, and the very funny one-liners which are fortunately very infrequent so they don't hinder the serious mood one bit (quality over quantity). It tried to circumvent some genre conventions and expectations, while still staying true to itself, with thrill scene after thrill scene. It was just flat out entertaining but also very well-made, with unconventional editing between scenes, very interesting sound design, and amazing acting by every cast member. They were all so likable!

I can't really complain about anything on display here, just see this film, it deserves it.

Reviewed by Robert_Lovelace 9 / 10

Tension galore

"Green Room" follows a vagabond punk band traveling through Oregon, where they book a show at what they come to find out is a neo-nazi skinhead punk club. The show goes well enough, but after they become witnesses to a murder, the group—along with a female regular at the club— are held hostage at the instruction of the community's head honcho.

I went into "Green Room" with little expectations, unsure of what exactly to expect; I'd heard good things about it, and the fact that it was filmed in the area I grew up in further piqued my interest. The film undoubtedly deserves the critical and public attention it's gotten, especially from horror fans, though I'm hesitant to necessarily label it a "horror" film. It's more a suspense-thriller akin to something like "Panic Room," except with a starkly different setting and a group of twenty-something punksters in place of the family home invasion prototype.

What is perhaps most jarring about the film is that its entire premise springs out of a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time scenario that spirals entirely out of control. The script and direction lend an increasing oppressiveness that comes on like a vice grip; the audience can easily sympathize with the arbitrariness of the entire premise, and the claustrophobic sense of inescapability is well-drawn out on screen. The film is nicely shot with emphasis on darkness and its titular color, and the photography of the landscapes effectively capture the ominousness of rainy Oregon backcountry.

Solid performances from all involved further elevate the film. For a film that's plot is so constricted, the material demands solid performers, and we get that from the young cast, with Patrick Stewart effectively playing counterpoint as the aloof villain-in-charge with an army of intimidating henchmen. The film's finale is extremely effective, and, barring a few convenient plot devices, is more or less believable.

Overall, "Green Room" was one of more tense experiences I've had at the movies in quite awhile. The way writer/director Jeremy Saulnier is able to spin such an arbitrary, unfortunate situation into an oppressive, character-driven splatter thriller is remarkable. It may not be enough to turn off punks from their waking-up-in-urine-and-beer lifestyle, but it's enough to make any prospective venues in the Pacific Northwest backwoods seem at the very least questionable. A recommended nailbiter. 9/10.

Reviewed by WalterSoprano 9 / 10

Violence at its most chilling and effective!

I have seen some crazy violent films from cannibal holocaust to a Serbian film but no other film that comes to mind executes violence as un settling as this. For me I mean this in a positive way for others the violence could be the very thing to turn them off to it and possibly ruin the movie. May this be a forewarning for some and a recommendation for those who might be interested.

To start with the usual things to look at as far as acting and writing I would say this film does an excellent job. The acting from all is believable and extremely convincing. The writing is good with some humor and plenty of good dialogue. What the film masters completely is tension. Jeremy has truly shown his talent as a director with this one. The tension and situations that spawn violence are all very believable and realistic only adding to the tension and overall tone. Speaking of tone they set it incredibly well with one of the first acts of violence which will stick with me for a long long time.

Funny thing about this movie is that it's considered a thriller. What I mean by funny is that as a thriller (which it really is) it is more chilling and horrifying than most if not all the other horror movies I've seen recently. There are jump scares but they're done properly. This isn't a scary due to monsters and ghouls though, it's scary because of how realistic and effective the violence is to where it really sticks with you.

As you probably already know this is a film best going in knowing little to nothing to get the full experience, personally I went in knowing more than I should have, however, it didn't matter. I was on the edge of my seat with sweaty palms due to how tense and unpredictable it is. There is a lot to talk about with this film but a lot of it cant be discussed without spoilers so all I can say is see it yourself. If you can't handle violence then I am strongly telling you to avoid this film. On the other hand this is among the best films I've seen this year no doubt. As a display of well executed violence and tension this film will definitely make a name for itself. I hope this is useful thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the movie.

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