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Goodbye World (2013) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 24%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Gaby Hoffmann as Laura Shepherd
Ben McKenzie as Nick Randworth
Adrian Grenier as James Palmer
Mark Webber as Benji Henry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 7 / 10

Full of holes, but enough of a solid foundation to keep it up.

Kind of wrong, but it would be nice if people actually did work that way. For the most part you get a drama about a bunch of old friends from school at some level, and they are all reunited at the one place that they all seem to think of as the safest place when all hell breaks loose. and beyond the fact that all of these friends are able to make it safely to the cabin, there are just a few other little problems. (Somehow one person is able to have amassed enough survival gear to last years in a mountain cabin in America, but some how he would not have any guns, not even one. He stores everything above ground in a rickety old shack that is no where near the house so they need a security system, which is only a simple beeping alert.) However once you get past all of that you do have a decent little drama that has romantic confusion all over the place, but even the "menacing" solders are really just a bit too wine country fresh. I Enjoyed the premise, and I liked the reasoning behind the situation that these people were all now living in, however I only recommend this movie to people who forgive the little things, and just want a drama, that is set a bit differently, and has a nice cast with excellent production value overall, otherwise move along.

Reviewed by dwightware4 1 / 10

Possibly the most contrived, painful-to-view movies I've ever seen

Truly terrible. I have no idea how anyone is rating this 9 or 10 stars. The concept is awesome, the acting is good, the production is flawless....but the dialogue is so cliche and predictable and forced and contrived, it's unbearable. Not to mention this is a story about the meltdown of civilization (that's the setting) but there's nothing about the meltdown of civilization in it. Literally. It's just some people hanging out in a cabin in the woods reliving past drama and bullshit. The fact that the world is crumbling outside of their bubble is a total non- factor in the entire film. I rarely wish I hadn't spent my time watching a movie, but this is one of the few. I want my time back.

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