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Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (1956) download yts

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James Hong as Ogata / Serizawa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevinxirau 8 / 10

The greatest and most realistic of the 50s creature features.

Godzilla is truly a legendary icon who has really stood the test of time for more than fifty years. His first film back in 1954 was very serious compared to most monster movies at the time. Most agree that it's a typical story of a prehistoric creature mutated by radiation rising up to challenge the world with his newfound power, but it's a little more than that. How so? Everything seems to be taken seriously by both filmmakers and the characters in the story. In this U.S. version, dubbing is kept to a very minimum by the lead characters while everyone else is speaking Japanese, which brings a small sense of realism. Godzilla himself is taken seriously by the filmmakers because while the primitive effects are obvious, his actions are like how a real animal reacts to a certain situation like when he approaches the electrical barrier and pauses to look at it curiously or when he snarls at a ringing clock tower because he thinks it might be another animal. He doesn't "attack" Tokyo just for the hell of it, he's just lashing out at whatever attacked him. After Tokyo is destroyed, the scene where the people mourn for the dead and dying truly moved me because the "attack" was treated like an actual disaster. I truly respect that.

Tomoyuki Tanaka really knew how to tell a war related story (war films in Japan were illegal at the time) and make his dinosaur the biggest star (literally) in the world. Steve Martin(Raymond Burr) and Dr. Serizawa are among the best known human characters in the entire series. I give this movie little more credit than before because of how it was made and the angle it was going for. Long live the King!

Reviewed by Spikeopath 6 / 10

An Enraged Monster Wipes Out An Entire City! (While Perry Mason watches on for America).

Well it literally is a different animal from Ishirō Honda's seminal 1954 movie about the giant atomic lizard who wakes up in a bad mood. Here the American version clips the atmosphere considerably (and the running time), craftily edits Raymond Burr into Honda's movie and of course removes the anti-American sentiment that once existed. Yet the film did prove to be very popular with English speaking film fans and further enhanced the growing appeal of all things Godzilla like.

As it is it's a decent enough film, especially if you have never seen Honda's original. For sure it's still creaky in that "man in rubber suit" way, but the iconic creature is still thrilling as it goes about its merry way destroying some carefully constructed model workings. The nuclear war heedings are still there and there's much fun to be had, intentional or otherwise. Its pale in comparison to the original, but it's not a stinker either. 6/10

Reviewed by gigan-92 7 / 10

Not as powerful as "Gojira"

The American version, released in 1956, is shorter and based on Raymond Burr's character, Steve Martin, point of view. He gives a great performance and the film maintains its dark tone; to a degree that is. Much of the dialouge speaking of Godzilla's atomic origins and the atomic bomb itself are removed. Luckily Akira Ifukube's music isn't removed, which is one of his best. Unfortunately, "Godzilla Raids Again", "King Kong vs. Godzilla", and "Ghidorah: the Three-Headed Monster" all have some form of cutting to their original scores. Terry Morse, director of the American edits, used some clever moves to integrate Burr into the story and overall, Morse did good. The film may not compare to the original Honda vision, but it's still pretty good. I find it worth adding to any G-fan's, or classic sci-fi lover's collection.

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