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Burt Lancaster as Maj. Asa Barker
Craig Wasson as Cpl. Courcey
Marc Singer as Capt. Alfred Olivetti
Joe Unger as Lt. Raymond Hamilton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by I was there - this one is real. 10 / 10


There has been criticism of this movie as being dull and unrealistic (probably from someone who wasn't even born before the events depicted in the movie). Believe this: it shows things pretty much as they happened. Lancaster was never better. I recommend it without reservation.

Reviewed by ekendall 8 / 10

A fine portrayal of the absurdities of Vietnam.

Burt Lancaster turns in a fine performance as a US military advisor who has doubts about the wisdom of the war America is about to embark upon. GO TELL THE SPARTANS looks at Vietnam in 1964, before the conflict there was thoroughly Americanized. It is not your typical glossy, overproduced Hollywood action extravaganza. Nor is it overly laden with patriotic sentimentality. It is, rather, a compelling exploration of the hubris and naivete that shaped the American war effort.

Reviewed by afinch 10 / 10


Because of the star power and emotional power of its contemporaries -- Coming Home,The Deer Hunter, and Apocalypse Now -- Go Tell the Spartans gets little recognition. But it is truly a hidden gem. Set early in the period of American involvement in Vietnam, it gives us a more realistic portrayal of the complexities and contradictions of that war. Burt Lancaster is superb as the dedicated, yet tortured, soldier who must try to deal with a situation that he increasingly recognizes as being, at best, untenable. This film is worthy of the kind of special treatment and commentary that accompanies the "special edition" releases of quality films on DVD. No serious examination of the portrayal of Vietnam War issues in American films can overlook Go Tell the Spartans.

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