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Reviewed by Samantha Gan 1 / 10

Complete waste of time

This is the stupidest "documentary" I've ever seen. How exactly do interviews with 3 year old kids and long montages of said kids running around contribute to a rational discussion of the GMO debate? He at no point presents any useful information one way or the other. All he does is interview non-experts who provide their opinions on the matter - opinions that are not necessarily based on any facts.

Only one scientific study was presented, from a paper that was later retracted due to widespread criticism from the community. The director indicates that all of the scientists who criticised the paper were somehow linked with the biotech industry, but this would not be enough to force the journal to retract the paper. There had to have been enough independent critics for the journal to have taken it seriously. If you look up Prof Seralini, he is a highly controversial figure in the scientific community. Why were no other scientists interviewed? Could it be that the director only wanted to interview people who supported his point of view?

This is basically just a bunch of ignorant, ill-informed, anti-science scaremongering and it makes me disgusted to think that there might be people out there who actually think this is a valid presentation of the GMO debate.

Reviewed by nickdiable 3 / 10

Not so much documentary as myth purveyor

This is honestly one of the stupidest documentaries I've seen recently.

The reporter makes it very clear that he doesn't understand the difference between GMO and organic foods, which is quite worrying when he is presenting his view on GM foods. He also seems to think that if a fish eats GM soy in a fish pellet then the fish itself is genetically modified.

He constantly tells us that there are no peer reviewed studies on the safety of GMO foods - although there are, in fact, over 2,000 peer reviewed studies... none of which have found any evidence that GMOs are harmful in anyway to humans.

We are told that modifying crops is something we have never done before and the reporter asks a farmer what he thinks God would make of this "new" technology. Leaving aside the God aspect, modifying food is nothing new at all - humans have been doing it since the beginning of agriculture. The only thing that is new is the techniques being used.

At one point we are told of a single study that claims organic farming methods can produce higher crop yields than conventional methods, despite this result being contrary to every other piece of research and despite organic not being the same as GMO.

This "documentary" is very one-sided and ignores great swathes of evidence. It's said that if all the world's experts agree on a topic then a layman should probably take their word for it. In the case of GMOs health groups across the world agree that GMOs are safe to eat and safe for the environment - this documentary is simple scaremongering.

Reviewed by aliasanger 8 / 10

Interesting but lacking facts

A very interesting and well done inquiry into GMO'S. I enjoyed this documentary and found it certainly opened up my mind to new perspectives, but it lacked (though it admitted to this) a wide variety of facts. I also found that it could have benefited from more testimonies from companies (such as Monsanto) themselves, and the videos and recordings showing him being turned away weren't quite enough for me. I think the documentary producers could have used different tactics (ie. specify they were there for a documentary??) rather than just showing up outside the door and asking questions. A good place to get ideas, though further research from this place is undoubtedly necessary.

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