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Vincenzo Amato as Paolo
Nora Tschirner as Greta
Louise Monot as Cécile
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lpatterson83 8 / 10

A very funny romantic comedy, that is a great night out

Actors are great, the two male leads have perfect comedic timing. The female leads are beautiful and will win your heart.

If you need a break from high-brow films that leave you feeling upset, go see this. It's a wonderful fun night out and for it's genre very well made.

This is a don't miss. Out on Valentine's Day (what could be more perfect?)

Reviewed by unsound-77111 8 / 10

Fun Romantic Comedy

I had to create a quick account just to review this movie. It was truly fun. It's standard romantic comedy in a lot of ways with the innocent misunderstandings and the best friend support.

Seeing all the sites in Paris and all of the humor about the different cultures and language misunderstandings set it apart from a typical rom/com though and made it hilarious and interesting at the same time. Most of the movie is in English and as an American it is amazing watching the actors switch easily from one language to another.

As to reviewer who is criticizing the German acting..I really don't know what he is talking about. I thought the female lead was hilarious and that she could have a career in Hollywood. Who the other Germans are..I don't know. The other leads are french, Italian and English.

Watch this movie for the humor and sweetness first and then for the sites of Paris.

Reviewed by Edgar Allan Pooh 10 / 10

Hilarious movie set in Paris, . . .

. . . France, which has the added bonus of being mostly in English. When there are subtitled passages in a GIRL ON A BICYCLE, they are just as likely to be spoken in German or Italian as in French. Further, the character of Paolo (played by Vincenzo Amato), an Italian tour bus driver based in Paris, is quite good at pointing out how all the quintessential highlights of "French" culture are actually Italian. As you can see, this charming romantic comedy has a lot going for it from the get go. Throw in an ill-fated soap commercial shoot, a madcap tour bus-bicycle chase scene through some fairly narrow streets, and some Hijinks on airliners, and you have the recipe for a flick that kept the audience in stitches during my showing. Nora Tschirner is fetching as Paolo's lover of three years who's nobody's fool, and Louise Monot is appropriately alluring as the title character (though maybe not so much up close and personal). Paddy Considine rounds out the quartet of main characters as Paolo's fellow tour guide, cleverly stepping into the breach to save a situation looking hopelessly muddled.

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