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Tim Curry as Gingerclown
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Brad Dourif as Worm Creature
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Reviewed by Hrutka Pal 4 / 10

Not a mainstream movie

I was at the actual world premiere of the movie (which was fully occupied, I don't know what the other reviewer is actually talking about...) and I can see, why many people will have their issues with the movie.

You need to understand, that if the trailer says "In the style of the 80ies", it REALLY means "In the style of the 80ies". It is having all the clishés over and over, that teenagers from now will hardly enjoy this. Gingerclown is clearly a genre movie.

So if you are an eighties child, you'll be more friends with this flick, but unfortunately still it's having several issues.

The actors are quite bad (most of all the woman and her endless yelling/screaming made my ears bleed), there is hardly anything you'd call horror, almost no gore and many of the scenes feel unreasonably stretched. You'll need a lot of patience.

Also the ending...Well, see it for yourself.

I liked the monsters though, even if mostly only their heads were built properly. They had their charm, the famous voice actors had surely their fun. They could've gotten a bit more airtime, but it was okay.

It had some funny moments too, but overall the movie was unfortunately a letdown, it's hard to call this a horror-comedy, when it's not that funny or scary. They tried too hard with all the nostalgic things what made many of the 80ies movies so bad, it was a bit too much in the end.

Reviewed by nebk 1 / 10

Absolutely Awful

This movie tries to recreate a nostalgic 80s horror look about a trio of teenagers battling monsters in an abandoned amusement park. As a result the movie looks as if it was made in the 1980s using bad animatronic effects. The result is truly awful. Not because the movie looks bad (although it does), but because it has a terrible story and even worse acting by all involved. The protagonists are unknowns who just can't act, although given the material it is not surprising that it is difficult for them. Although it has Tim Curry, Lance Henriksen and Sean Young amongst others doing the voices of the monsters, this adds nothing to the film as their involvement is minimal and the dialogue itself is badly written. The voice actors probably agreed to do this knowing that at least their faces won't be on screen.

The story itself is cliched beyond all belief. There is the nerd who is in love with a hot girl who is dating a bad tempered jock. All of them stereotypes. The jock forces the nerd to go into an abandoned and supposedly haunted amusement park. The jock's friends who sound Hungarian cheer this dumbness on. The girl pitying the nerd goes in after him, and then the jock does the same. Then they are pursued by weird monsters such as Gingerclown, Wormface etc. The jock gets what he deserves and the other two survive. And that's pretty much it. There is plenty of profanity, and the characters make decisions which make no sense. There is nothing positive to say about this movie. It's badly written, badly acted with bad dialogue and implausible events. Best avoided at all costs.

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