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Ghosthouse (1988) download yts

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Lara Wendel as Martha
Greg Scott as Paul
Mary Sellers as Susan
Ron Houck as Mark
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by queenie_1234 10 / 10

An excellent movie

The first time I saw this movie, it really creeped me out. The ghostly hymn that is heard whenever something bad is going to happen is creepy as well. However, this movie is in my opinion "Very Good". You should certainly see it, and rate it yourself. I like "vintage" movies, so I enjoyed this one. It is a must see for those who like a good horror movie. Sure, it's not everyone's idea of scary, but it has its share of spooky scenes.

Reviewed by queenie_1234 10 / 10

How can you not like this?

I can't believe that there are people out there who don't like this movie!! I've got to say that this is one of my favorite horror movies. I loved it from the first time I saw it. There are pretty good scare scenes, and some gruesome gore. For example, when Tina is cut in half, when Jim gets it in the neck with the fan blade, the blood coming from the faucet...etc. One freaky part is how the clown turns into Tina after she is dead, and comes to Susan. I can assure you that that would scare the hell out of me!!

The ending was quite bizarre, and I wish they would have made a sequel, just so we'd know what happened with the doll and it's creepy nursery rhyme. I'm telling you, this movie gave me nightmares after watching it. That rhyme just sends chills up my spine.... This movie rocks.... definitely pick up a copy and watch it. How could anyone say it "shouldn't even be used as toilet paper"..... I guess they just don't appreciate a good cheezy 80's horror movie.

Reviewed by slapmonkeyfilms 7 / 10

Suprisingly chilling

I expected this film to be nothing more than your very average 80s horror flick but it was much more.Admittedly the acting was well below par but the shocks certainly weren't.Any film encorporating clowns in my opinion can't help but be sinister there was no exception here the clown was terrificly scary,and the little girl dressed in white just added to it.The film also boasted some rather gruesome deaths especially the guillotine!This movie certainly surpassed its expectations.Deserves to be seen.

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