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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Savannah G 8 / 10

Funny & Clever

I wonder if what the critics don't like about this movie is that it is actually clever, funny and vulnerable. I am glad I resisted the critic reviews and saw it. The performances by all actors are genuine. And of course there is just enough physical comedy and absurdity to make it silly in a good way.

Don't listen to the crusty old curmudgeons its a fun movie to watch. Some of the jokes are actually intelligent and you have to know a little about what is going on economically and racially in the Country to really get them. The only thing that I find puzzling is in every movie that has biker gangs, they never seem to get them right. They always portray them cartoony that was the only thing that I found disinteresting and only because of aesthetics.

Its a cute comedy. Don't be turned away by the crusty critics

Reviewed by stephendaxter 5 / 10

Funny moments but disappointing from this comedy duo

Get Hard is a comedy starring two of the funniest actors out there today, and having this duo of Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell you would think would make for an extremely funny movie, unfortunately it doesn't but it still had its fair share of good laughs. They had pretty good chemistry and most if not all of the good funny moments came from the interactions between the two of them. They played off the racial stereotypes for pretty much the entire film and as the film went on it got less funny and repetitive. The good moments of the film in terms of the comedy came in the middle of the film, thats where you have everyone introduced and the build up is over but you are also not yet exhausted by the repetitive jokes. In terms of their performances, there is nothing new here, it feels like they were both playing similar characters that they have played many times before in their previous films. But the characters did fit very well into the plot.

The plot of the film was a little predictable, but at the same time i wasn't bored of following the plot. It didn't feel like certain plot points happened in order to get a few quick jokes in, everything flowed pretty well and i was still interested in seeing what was going to happen next. There is not much else i can say about this film, there is nothing new to see here from Will or Kevin, but the film does provide with some good jokes and an interesting plot that can get you through the film fairly entertained. So i guess if you are a fan of either member of this comedy duo then you will enjoy seeing them together in this film. - 5/10

Reviewed by nama chakravorty 7 / 10

I Laughed Hard!

Laughter is the best medicine & a comedy film essentially does that. And 'Get Hard' is among those winning comedies, that despite its crude humor & language, made me laugh hard! Its a fun watch.

'Get Hard' Synopsis: When millionaire James King is jailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars.

'Get Hard' is consistently fun. Jay Martel, Ian Roberts & Etan Cohen's Screenplay, though very crude, is hilarious & the camaraderie between its protagonists, works massively. Though a bit lengthier than it should have been, the Writing is mostly packed with good jokes & sequences. Etan Cohen's Direction is decent. Cinematography is richly done. Editing is slightly iffy.

Performance-Wise: Its good to see both, Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart, at their comedic best. Ferrell is no less than a treasure here as the innocent under scrutiny, while Hart, as his guru, oozes tremendous energy. And as a team, they both work superbly! Among others, the ever-dependable Craig T. Nelson, leaves a mark.

On the whole, 'Get Hard' will make you laugh! Watch It!

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