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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 5%
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Alison Brie as Tanya
Anna Kendrick as Jillian Stewart
Bryan Cranston as Roger Davis
Miles Teller as Will Davis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Adam_West_as_Batdan 6 / 10

Flawed but watchable

Despite of a cast with some really big names such as Anna Kendrick, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Mintz Plasse, Marcia Gay Harden, Jorge Garcia, John C McGuinly, Brandon T Jackson, Ravi Patel this was filmed in 2012 but it was not released until 2016.

Once you've seen it it's not terribly hard to see why, it tries to squeeze in a little too much than it can handle in a very short running time (74 minutes without credits) to the point that it get a little confusing at times.

Which it's definitely not meant to be as this is meant to be a easy going comedy influenced by 80's coming of age comedies but set in present day.

But it's far from all bad though, there are some seriously funny stand-alone gags and Miles Teller is a pretty good lead and I could have swore he was John Cusack's son (he sure looks like it).

In the end I kind of enjoyed it but I felt like it should have been a lot more fleshed out, not sure if perhaps it was longer at some point and the studio mercilessly cut it down because they felt like it didn't have enough substance to be a 100 minute movie or whatever.

Which caused it to often lack coherence and flow, whatever it may be despite it's flaws I definitely didn't dislike it, it helps if you like the cast, just don't expect a big movie experience.


Reviewed by thekarmicnomad 2 / 10

Great actors in a real insipid turd of a film

A university graduate has to find a job to pay the rent and get his girlfriend of his back.

The premise is simple enough and all the characters are set up to make this an entertaining movie. The film boasts an excellent line up. All lights are green.

I cannot give this movie a full review as I could not bare to sit through the whole thing. It is just not funny. I cannot even tell you why? But it is like watching a stand-up comedian die on stage, for over an hour.

All the ingredients for a comedy are here, they just don't work. The scenes with the stoners are boring and flat, their hapless attempts at getting a career are just stupid - yet not funny. The stripper scene, even with perky boobs on display, is tedious and dull.

Alison Bree's character is bland and caustic, and only there so we can hear awkward, sexual references come from the mouth of a pretty woman - what a waste.

I have never seen a film with so much talent be so painfully bland. As we watched - in stony silence - I actually started to feel embarrassed for the actors and just had to switch off. I have not had to do this for some time.

Reviewed by ishraq priom 6 / 10

Starts like a good one, in the middle loses its way and at the end just by a thread tied together

I am writing this review with sheer frustration and nothing else. When i started watching the movie i thought it would be like "The spectacular now" or "That awkward moment" type movies or lesser quality even, it is and it isn't also. Confused? The movie is not that bad in my opinion its just missing something in every direction. The movie was very short and fast paced that it couldn't show much of character developments, romantic aspect or even the job market in any way or comically. It tried but i think it failed drastically. Not because of the performances of the actors and actresses it's just that the movie seemed like it was cut short just to release it or they didn't even shoot the whole thing and BAM!!. That may actually be the case because the movie was shot in 2012 but got released in 2016. I gave an inflating 6 stars because i like Miles Teller, Anna Kendrick, Alison Brie, Bryan Cranston and most of the cast. They all gave good performance but the movie as i said before for some reason just didn't gel together but if you like the cast as much as i do give it a go and watch it. If you don't like it stop. You may not like it, may even hate it but you will get to see your favorite stars performance, but seriously don't go to the movies for it/buy/rent DVD if available download from internet and thank whatever you believe in for inventing it.

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