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Burt Reynolds as Gator McKlusky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by y4j1981 9 / 10

Fine debut for Reynolds, Hutton, Reed

The movie Gator is full of action. As with many Burt Reynolds movies the cops are once again practically useless. The standout is Jerry Reed as Bama McCall. Jerry Reed takes his role and runs with it till their is nothing left. The evil laugh and twinkle in his eye only adds to his portrayal. The bar scene with Bama, Gator, Bones and Smiley is a 10 easily. If you enjoy Burt Reynolds you will like this movie, however I hope you will walk away with a new appreciation for Jerry Reed. I really got a kick out of the 70's suits Mr. Reed wore. Classic. The opening motorboat scene is done well, but you can see the stunt men instead of the main actors. Lauren Hutton is sweet and there seemed to be some chemistry between her and Burt. Great acting, morality play and Jerry Reed, what more could one ask for?

Reviewed by msroz 7 / 10

Reed ascendant

"Gator" is a very well done movie that one can see again and again. It's a real credit to Burt Reynolds as actor and director. Jerry Reed makes a terrific villain, plus he sings a great song as the titles roll. Lauren Hutton plays a reporter who attended Radcliffe. She has way more class and good looks than your typical Cliffie. She's very fetching in this movie. Burt was a stunt man and he appears in the stunts here, or at least parts of them, enough so as to make them all look like he did them; and that's not mentioning that they are well-directed. Jack Weston plays a New Yorker in the South, adding tension and comedy. Reed is assisted in his extortion and his rackets by two real characters, Smiley and Bones. There's laughter here, heartbreak, some romance and some tragedy. There's all around entertainment. There's also quite a detailed portrait of a southern county that's corrupt through and through.

Reviewed by mm-39 8 / 10

Reynold's Best

This is White Lightning with the budget. Great story, and action with a mix of directing that gives the viewer a feel for the south. A tailor made role for Burt Reynolds, which became a high water mark, he never could reach again. I love the part where the tall guy uses the sun roof in order to drive the car, and the beginning narration. Too bad this format was not in use for Sharky's Machine, he would have done better in the 80's. This movie made him a star of the 70's, and this film ages well, which is the test of time. 8 out of 10 rent it today.

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