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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by s3276169 8 / 10

Enjoyable Irish scare fest

From the Dark does not adopt a new premise nor does it have a big budget and yet its still a darn good Irish scare fest.

The key characters are played with likable ease by Niamah Algar and Stephen Cromwell. Their natural genuineness in the opening scenes and the amusingly familiar predicament they find themselves in, heightens the sense of dread when things take a terrifying turn for the worse.

The setting is a suitably remote farmhouse miles from anywhere and anyone, where the couple are stalked by a creepy creature inadvertently exhumed by the farmhouses owner. The creature itself never quite comes into focus but what you do see and what is hinted at,actually makes the creature, for me at least, far more frightening.

All of these elements come together to give this film a pervading atmosphere of desperate isolation and an ever building sense of dread, in the form of something unspeakable lurking in the dark.

All in all a solid horror with a subtle and cleverly managed ending. A well deserved eight out of ten from me.

Reviewed by Jonny-ironica 7 / 10

For late night thrills, I enjoyed it.

From the Dark was a pretty good little thrill-ride, even if it's not the most flawless or intelligent film.

Basic plot: After their car gets stuck in the mud, a traveling couple have a run in with a creature that cannot be in a source of light. As the creature slowly diminishes their sources of light, they fight to stay alive and evade it.

Without spoiling too much, I will say that this film is basic survival horror without much story to bog it down as anything other than a simple little horror flick for mindless entertainment. The atmosphere is bold and the direction can be pretty creepy, even if the bold and interesting camera work can sometimes make it feel like too much. Still, major props for building a movie where you spend so much time paying attention to the background for the thrill of seeing something that isn't obviously there.

I do see many complaints from other viewers about the fact that there were a handful of light sources that were overlooked by the main character, but I must say, when thrown into every situation, do you often notice every detail or think clear enough to make the best moves possible? Apparently if characters in horror films aren't the brightest and sometimes make poor decisions, then it is unbelievable and a bad film. Heaven forbid anyone is flawed, ya know?

As far as finding light sources and just staying in them til sunlight, I do believe those people weren't paying attention. The creature was not entirely stupid or slow. Trying to remain in a light source without moving only led it to find ways around it and cut off the light. Even setting an entire house on fire wouldn't have been the safest mood: fires get out of control and I'm sure no one wants to burn to death.

Those things aside, horror films like this are pretty much built around the trope of wanting you to scream "NO! NO! DON'T DO THAT! DON'T GO IN THERE! IT'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU, STUPID!" which I think adds to the thrill.

So all in all, no, the movie isn't genius and it's definitely not a 10. But for what it is, it's a successful little thriller chiller., sure to appease people looking for something simple and creepy. Fairly solid, but not groundbreaking.

Reviewed by Flow 6 / 10

Better than:

Leprechaun: Origins; Deep in the Darkness; Animal; Nostrum!

From the Dark is a good movie if you keep in mind its budget, the fact that had only 3 actors plus a monster and the surroundings. If you put all of it together adding the so typical plot, the not so always great decisions taking throughout the movie and the way it ended, well, I graded it a 6 simply because I still think it did better than most.

I will recommend it for a horror fan, surely enough it is a good add-on to one's collection, I can declare myself overall satisfied with this production, then again, had very low hopes for it, so I just pressed play and let the time passed. I think most of you will say it is around a 4-5, but I for one have seen many horrors, a lot of indies and low budgets so in comparison to what I got to see lately, From The Dark stands taller than the rest.

Don't miss it, if you like horrors, it will bring you a little to the more old period. Monsters in the dark, afraid of light, and our heroes in need of daylight to survive!


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