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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by codycarlington1234 8 / 10

Be open minded, not spoon fed

When you watch this movie you need to look at the right things. Yeah it may be slow in spots. Yeah the acting can be painfully average at times. But look at the cinematography, the eerie colors used to set a surreal scene where you don't know what's reality and what isn't. The score is unreal, it suits the movie so well. It's simple and to the point and it was obviously done intentionally. So anyone who says the score is too repetitive or you don't get to see the creature.. you are missing the whole point. You are looking at the film completely wrong. You need to appreciate it for what it is. A slow suspenseful film that doesn't spoon feed you every little thing. If it did it would be just like a million other creature thrillers. This one shows you just enough to frustrate you in a good way and make you think. Good independent filmmaking with a few bumps in the script. Watch it and appreciate it for as a well made, original take on a creature feature

Reviewed by erindocking 10 / 10

Unexpected Ending

This film, while currently it shows a poor rating, had me enthralled right to the climatic ending.

You can't go into this film though thinking big effects and high budget because if thats the case you will be disappointed. Simply put it is not a A list movie and didn't have the big production behind it. But the quality of what was shot on a limited budget is remarkable.

The story and the delivery from its actors especially Lauren Watson who in my mind was the standout and carried the film through some of the slower scenes, was realistic, and raw. Her delivery made me really feel for her character; especially through some of the more emotional scenes.

While it was slow moving at times, I didn't find myself ever bored. I was always curious to how it would end and never once did I even get close to guessing the startling conclusion.

If you can watch a film with an open mind then I recommend this one to you.

Reviewed by trick_morr 1 / 10

Very bad cheap movie and IMDb rating is flawed

About 3 seconds into this movie I knew it was a bad movie and was checking back on IMDb like "what convinced me to check this movie out again?" I don't know how this movie got the rating it has.

This movie has that very easy-to-capture atmosphere of "cheap movie made by high-school kids." It's not a fun kind of bad movie. This one is just bad. Bad script (but not bad enough), bad acting (but not bad enough), poor quality everything.

This is the first time I have watched a movie that was rated over a 6 on IMDb and found it to be anything but great. Why did this exception have to be so exceptional?

This movie will almost definitely NOT make it into the elite group of bad movies which become cult classics.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

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