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Ali Liebert as Muriel Orvis
Michelle Nolden as Well to do lady
Tamara Hope as cast
Ian Matthews as Mr. Buttinger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Maddie Oglaza 6 / 10

Not as good as the original

One of my favourite stories about a group of teenage girls who form a group to get back at their society, which they feel is very unfair towards them. This film is a much more realistic adaptation to the novel by Joyce Carol Oates than the original 1996 version. I love the storyline and was very excited to watch this film, having seen the original and read the book. However the acting is no where near as good as the 1996 version (you must be mad to make a new version of an Angelina Jolie movie?!), and I would also suggest reading the novel before watching, as it makes everything a lot clearer. If I had not read the novel prior to watching, there are some parts which I doubt I would have understood properly. Definitely recommend this film to anyone who loves a film with a great female lead.

Reviewed by Steve Sou 8 / 10

Awesome film

With so much independent garbage smothering red box & Netflix, I approached this movie with expectations being real low. But almost instantly you get hooked and want to know who these characters are. The movie is a very long watch, but I forgot about the clock and just enjoyed the thrill ride. This movie has the fill and look of a big budget movie and you forget instantly that it's a independent film. I enjoyed the book and the film real gives a great visual to a perfect story. The acting was great by everyone, the fresh talent they collected for this movie was spot on. I feel this movie will launch a lot of great talent into the stars. If you have the time and your even thinking of watching this movie, do it.

Reviewed by GUENOT PHILIPPE (<a class= 5 / 10

A perfect women's tale

I confess that I have always loved men's stories: hard, brutal but also touching, poignant. Stories about pure manhood. And believe it or not, but that doesn't make me hate the same schemes with women only. Mixing up of men and gals is not always appropriate. I love features such as John Ford's SEVEN WOMEN, A GUN FOR JENNIFER or Paul Henreid's GIRLS ON THE LOOSE, and so many other movies. Tales where women have strong and powerful characters, harder than males. All this shown with a perfect sensitive talent. This movie makes no exception.

Tha characters in this feature are most brilliant, described in a flawless way. It is a 143mn film and there is no length. A delightful movie. I guess it is based on actual events. I don't know the actresses, but I repeat, they are absolutely outstanding. I particularly loved the lead character: Legs.

Laurent Cantet gives here his best performance.

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