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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DrtyBlvd 1 / 10

Atrocious every way.

Script, acting, fight scenes, set design - accents - you name it, it's absolutely terrible.

Not worth your time. Or theirs.

More interestingly, a review here on IMDb has to be ten lines in length, or it cannot be posted - but there genuinely isn't ten lines of criticism worth leveling at this film.

In part, that is one of the problems the film has as well - *it could have been done in less than ten lines* - there aren't many films brave enough or strong enough to carry off the 'four protagonists in one room for the entire film' scenario - and this one shouldn't have attempted it.

Reviewed by projektohr 3 / 10

Sometimes slightly shaky acting, and when you start thinking "Drawn out.", it will start increasing the drawn-out-ness.

My main gripe really is the timing, which seemed to get worse and worse the closer to the end it got. It also felt a bit like they were trying to imitate formulas they had seen in other movies, not to say "It's pretentious", which would be a bit too much. The story is OK but not remarkable, I'd even almost say "forgettable". The (very very rare) action is OK, nothing remarkable.

If I'd HAVE TO say either "watch" or "don't watch", I'd immediately say "don't watch", but I don't mean to say that the movie is awful. There are just so many better things to spend 80 (long-ass) minutes with. OK, I seem to need about 10 words more for this to pass.

Reviewed by jaxbubba 3 / 10

More like 'Bore Assassins'

Perhaps a better name for this film would have been 'Bore Assassins'… an extremely slow moving film, with lots of talk, and very little action. With the title of the film being "Four Assassins" you would have expected plenty of action, copious killings, a plethora of blood splatter crime scenes, and intricate well executed, diabolical, methodical murder sequences; however, the audience is relegated to basically a 'one act' play where 99% of the film takes place in a single hotel room.

The film centers on Marcus, played by Will Yun Lee (Red Dawn 2012/ Total Recall 2012). Marcus is a gun for hire, who has been commissioned to kill a husband and his wife. As the film begins, Marcus is awaiting final payment for his services in his hotel room. He is soon joined by his 'assassin' mentor, Eli (played by Miguel Ferrer), his former lover and fellow assassin, Eva (played by Emilie Guillot), and an upcoming 'newbie' assassin, Chase (played by Oliver Williams). There seems to be an issue with the 'hit' that Marcus was hired to do, and the film goes into great, agonizing details of the events which have led these four (4) individuals to arrive at this hotel room, on this night, at this specific time. The three (3) guests have two hours to determine what events have actually transpired during the Marcus 'hit' before an anticipated phone call from the boss takes place.

I believe the film would have been a much better film, if the film would have tracked the trials and tribulations of the life Marcus. Mentored by Eli at the age of 15 to become a viable assassin, and united with Eva to become a forcible killing duo; this is the story we the audience wanted to see… not 'My Hakata Tonton hot pot dinner with Eli and friends'.

I cannot recommend this film, not even for home viewing. After all is said and done, the ultimate outcome is far more depressing than having to endure the 88 minutes to finally get to it. I'd stay away from this one, definitely not worth your time or your attention to seek out.

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