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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kvnsodak 2 / 10

That's what's so funny

The movie's premise is something with some potential. The characters are good in that they are similar in some ways and polar opposites in others. The dialog is good and it is well acted. However, it never captures the viewer. It always seems like the movie is going to pick up and then it never does. There were so many opportunities for great comedy that were just completely missed. The bike stealing scene for example could have been turned into something rather than simply having the characters stare blindly as their bicycle is stolen. It felt like the movie went on forever and the premise got thinner with each passing minute. I wish I could recommend this film because I love independents but it just simply never got going and the director, where as it was very well shot, really let some good opportunities slip away.

Reviewed by filmfan2206 2 / 10


I watched this movie as it was on a "top" 2015 movie list. Boy was watching this a mistake! I'm all for supporting indie films, but this lacked - a story. The main characters are childish and annoying, which quickly alienates the viewer (me). Borish main characters can be offset by interesting supporting characters that the duo meet along their journey, right? Everyone is more interesting than these two, but not enough the lift the movie up to watchable status.

All the other movie departments did a fine job - cinematography, set design, music, and editing. The main actors even "looked good", but they just had nothing of worth to say (script).

The story arc is - two girls who are spoiled, vain, and boring and act that way for 1Hr 25Mins, then a few minutes before the end of the movie they realize they may be spoiled, vain, and boring. The same movie and message could be easily been condensed down to 2-3 minutes.

Reviewed by Guimo Pantuhan 7 / 10

"A sour yet funny exercise on having compassion."

With its simplistic plot and meager cast, Fort Tilden is a brisk, breezy and mean comedy. It is an engaging film because of its sharply drawn characters, almost transparent that we can see every nuance of their thoughts and emotions. Sadly, they are very annoying, narrow-minded and shallow, far from being role models. They are silly enough to ditch their responsibilities for a beach time and hopes of getting laid. Allie, the less unlikable character, takes pride with her Peace Corps association but being unable to navigate in the streets of New York, there is a big question of the likelihood of her survival in war-torn Liberia. As much as she just tags along Harper, she is pushed around by everything that happens. Harper, the more stubborn one, seems to look at herself higher than everyone else. She is the typical mean girl, mocking other people for their sincere efforts and persuasions. But when she finds herself at the center of joke, she becomes defensive and impatient.

Their journey together has become a test of their character, as their insecurity and confusion becomes more apparent. Like their wasted $200 barrel or the expensive cab ride, they are simply narcissistic, showy and pretentious. It is evident in how Harper rolls her eyes at other people and how Allie is fond of giving fake compliments with fake smiles. As much as they lost in the streets, they are also unsure of what they want with their lives. And when they explode off against each other, it is a moment of truthfulness and kindness. As much as they are able to give pity to the kittens, they are also capable of empathy and affection for each other.

Technically, the film is decently edited, scored and photographed. There is not a dull moment as the two characters, with all their flaws and imperfections, are intriguing and watchable. Elliot and McNulty also have good rapport and delivery.

Despite its unlikable characters, Fort Tilden is an enjoyable film to watch. It is not because of how the leads stupidly stare and argue while a kid steals their bike. It is not because of how a store owner puts ice on hot coffee with her bare hands to make them "iced coffee" for the two heroines. And it is not also because of the topless scene in the end, where a quarter of girls let their bare breasts hang loose at the beach. But it is because of how the two leads, without realizing it, develop some kind of compassion and humanity.

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