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Reviewed by rembrandt36 10 / 10

Better than the first

I have never understood those that say Kangas' movies suck. He shows growth with every movie he has done, and with his third film he has gotten the brass ring. Kangas does movies I WANT to see - horror with some intelligence behind them. I caught this premiering in Baltimore and have to say that he really outdid himself with FOC2. The stand out in my mind - performance-wise - was Frank Lama as Peters. He was really convincing this time out. Jacky Reres and Mark Lassise really shined as well, and for a low budget horror movie, the story, thrills, special effects, and production values were superb. David Mun was excellent as the director of photography. Anyone that wants to see a GOOD horror movie should rent or buy this once it comes out. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by ykymrfalcon 9 / 10

A short review of Fear of Clowns 2

First of all, this movie is a million times better than the original Fear of Clowns. I don't know if this was the intension, but it's also freaking hilarious. I was cracking up almost the whole time. It's pretty cool that it's a local film (Maryland/Eastern Shore) too. But the acting is improved, the story is improved, the interest is improved (in the first FOC, I only really liked it during the last part of the movie because it takes place in a movie theater that I go to all the time). There is a bit of suspense, but like almost all horror movies, the point of the whole thing is pretty much not there. However, movies like this are also meant to entertain, and this movie did that very well. That's why I give it a 7/10. It's satisfactory. I am glad Kevin Kangas had more money to put into the second installment. Maybe if he makes a third FOC, he'll have an even bigger budget and be able to make a much better movie that even all the Kevin Kangas haters can enjoy.

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