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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brooksrob1 10 / 10

baseball lover porn...:)

I was spellbound watching all my hero's from a half century of loving baseball. I saw many of these guys play in real life ( live in Philly, my home) We boo'd Morgan and Ryan and even Shmitty but, as I enter my autumn years I have a better appreciation for their talents.

This movie is titled aptly. It is a history of the fastball and it is done like no other movie about the fast pitch I have ever seen. Seeing guys like Jeter, Brett and others showing that, while they are hitting gods; the pitcher is the real demon to slay...I have a new fondness for Nolan Ryan and Goose Gossage that I didn't have before...Goose is quite the character...I wish some Philly pitchers were in there like Shilling or Carlton but I guess they wanted the most awesome pitchers of all...

Great movie for older and young...

Reviewed by Joseph Pollard 8 / 10

Interesting film

Nearing 60, I have been a fan of the game since a child, and remember a lot of the mystique associated with some of the older players. I found the premise of the film very attractive and the production very good. Kevin Costner was a natural narrator for show, with all of his associated baseball films.

I don't think anyone will step away from a viewing and have a clear belief of who throws/threw the fasted "heater", but I enjoyed the attempt to put things in perspective. I still feel it was like comparing apples to pears.

What I enjoyed most from the film, were the interviews, especially the deleted ones. I NEVER knew that Bob Gibson, Hank Aaron, and Mike Schmidt were so animated. This is also the most I have ever seen Nolan Ryan talk in a single setting. Whitey Herzog's annoyance, at being asked once too many times about Bob Feller was typical grumpy old man-like, and hysterical.

If you're even a passing fan of the game, even a younger one, you'll appreciate the effort. Glad I bought it.

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