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Reviewed by equazcion 4 / 10


The Vicious Brothers (as the directorial team call themselves) try breaking the mold, with some mixed results.

The bulk of this is typical horror mixed with typical alien/saucer imagery. About an hour or so in, there's a Matrix-inspired sequence that at least looks authentic. The film caps off with a very X-Files routine. Cliché characters, one of whom seems to have been awkwardly transplanted from an '80s teen horror film, and all of whom play out cliché melodrama during very obvious and convenient breaks in action, didn't really help things.

With some skill, this mash-up of recycled elements could have actually worked, maybe. The visual effects were convincing, but the rest (writing, direction, acting) were frightfully amateurish.

This isn't a "found footage" film, but it seems to want to be one. It's sort of a found footage film that simply wasn't shot that way, resulting in something rather awkward.

Reviewed by the_wolf_imdb 2 / 10

Absolutely illogical!

Most of the movie would be, well, okay. Nor bright, not particularly scary, but acceptable. And there is the ending. The very strange ending that is probably supposed to point to the X-Files or something. Unfortunately it instantly ruins all the "okayness" of the movie as a piece of turd would ruin an "okay" food.

Aliens seem to be bastards here. Okay. So why they decided to return for the crazy girl? To clean up the mess? What they are doing with abducted people? Do they build ships from their bodies? What is the mess with the anal probe? Whey the lovers were returned to the Earth? Why they were instantly shot by the military? They have returned from the space, shouldn't they be questioned first? If the military has an agreement with the aliens, why the military keeps the alien body? It is just amazing how you can waste quite a good movie by adding a five minutes of utter nonsense at the end. The ending might be epic but, well, it would require folks who can see beyond X-Files and cheap teen slashers. But the idea to illogically add "the smoking man" was probably too cute you know.

What a waste. What a waste. Watch rather "Alien Abduction" instead. It has way better ending.

Reviewed by agentgates 3 / 10

Horror or comedy?

As James Cameron said "If you make a comedy it should be funny, if you make a horror that should be scary". Well this movie tried to be a horror but has become a comedy...

Poorly written story and dialogues. Poor direction and acting. Actors reactions were highly unrealistic to their experiences.

Sound effects were okay but overrated at some point. Visual effects were fine.

The creators clearly did not research the related subjects of the so called "UFO abductions" or "conspiracy theories" (the typical error with the ridicule-motivated movies in the genre).

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