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Keanu Reeves as Detective Galban
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Mira Sorvino as Janine Cullen
Christopher McDonald as Lieutenant Galway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vali Valentin 2 / 10

Total disappointment

I have just recovered the password for my IMDb account (which I didn't use to login since some time) to write how bad this movie is and that it was a total waste of time!!

I wish I read the previous reviews before watching this nonsense movie but I've made the mistake of reading only the plot which was quite interesting (but very untrue).

The story is stupid, the acting is bad and the video shots are poor. A lot of things happen with no reason and no connection to the rest of the movie, the story is half in English and half in Spanish but mixed in such a way that it becomes annoying from the beginning of the movie.

Time is precious, don't waste it on this movie!

Reviewed by (<a class= 1 / 10

Horrible Movie...but for good reason..

I'm not the type to ever leave a review on anything, unless its in a positive context, but i felt the need since there wasn't a way for me to directly respond to some of the reviews that i read. This movie is bad! Really really terrible! There is no mysterious deeper meaning, like I've been reading.

Its actually embarrassing that there are people on here who think they are some how so above every one else, so special, that they took this movie for some artistic genius, that went over all our heads. Lions Gate films gutted and re-edited this movie to focus around Keanu, when the movie wasn't supposed to.

The actual director of this movie felt so strongly about the fact that it became a piece of crap, that he took his name off the movie completely.

So instead of trying to be the next Roger Ebert, or trying to look for a deeper meaning in a movie that doesn't have any, just stop, don't, because you're misleading people into wasting 2 hours of their lives.

Reviewed by tboarder-gx 2 / 10


This movie was incredible; incredibly bad.

Never before has someone so cleverly taken two separate stories, and ram them together with the elegance of a head-on car crash.

The overall structure of the film felt like patch-work, moving from one scene to another within a matter of 10-30 seconds. As you absorb each scene, attempting to find some correlation to the previous one, they'll whip it away from you, leaving a bitter taste in your memory that will only grow as scenes pile up. It's like waiting for a surgeon to perform a delicate operation on your loved one, and the local butcher walks through the door with his cleaver. It's painful. I was really hoping there were some subtle or underlying meanings to some of the scenes, but in the end I found myself looking to my wife for comfort and explanation, only to be met with an empty confused stare.

I never did work out what the dog death scene was all about.

It would seem as though key inspiration was drawn from student films and the familiar "patching" of loose ends. If information was missing, throw a 10 second scene to tie it up... no one will notice.

I gave it a chance, hell, I watched the whole thing, and at this point I really wish I'd stuck with my gut instinct in the first 10 minutes to hang up the gloves and just get an extra few hours of sleep.

If you plan to watch this movie, please be prepared for confusion, frustration and disbelief.


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