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Stephen Lang as Father Conway
Kelly Blatz as Patrick
Gage Golightly as Amber
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spyroskonst 8 / 10

Why so underrated?

I do not understand why this movie is so underrated. It's fun, entertaining and for a horror/gore fan it gets the job done pretty well.

Not perfect by any means, but a nice film that kept me from beginning till the end. Did not get bored for one sec. Actors are good, editing, special effects and gore all done well. Again it is not perfect, but not that underrated i see here in IMDb. This is not a drama, or action adventure, so by judging it as a horror/gore film it falls between 6-8. No more or less than that.

Do yourself a favor and check this out. It will not write history, but you will have a good 1.5hour watching this.

Reviewed by iamtherobotman 3 / 10

What was that?

I'll keep this as short as need be. This is a truly awful attempt. When the young lad ( Rory ) is "possessed" they do all in their power to free him from the "demon", yet as soon as the girl ( who's name escapes me) gets possessed, they show her none of the same Mercy and can't wait to melt her head in with the first blunt and or heavy instrument which comes to hand. From there on, it's a free for all. Their compassion leaves them, their humanity, they just want to kill whoever this thing then possesses. the ending is equally as stupid. Yes, this is a lazy review of the movie but then, the makers were equally as lazy in making the movie. Don't bother with this.

Reviewed by fella_shibby 7 / 10

Not scary or creepy but brutal, gory n fast paced, one time watch.

Its directed by Marcus Nispel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th). Starring Stephen Lang (Avatar, Gods n Generals, Tombstone). Kelly Blatz (Simon Says, From Within, Prom Night). Brittany Curran ( The Uninvited 2008 film, The Haunting Hour). Brett Dier (Dear Mr. Gacy, Grace). The pacing of the movie was good. As a viewer, v don't feel bore for a sec. Same ol story, same old cliché, but the kills were good compared to other movies based on possession. The acting was ordinary. I don't seem to understand y in all possession movies, the possesesd person has to fly in the air or do hyper-extension of the joints. Its getting monotonous. This movie was good compared to other in the genre coz of the kills which were brutal, gory n over the top. Good fun, one time watch. There is a scene in the movie, the first time when they see the possessed person levitating in the air n suddenly the next scene they r tying him on the bed. Also what was the intention of showing the statute again n again? Hope to see good horror films from the director of this, as he has potential.

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