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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by beritertmann 2 / 10

More confusing than scary

If you watch this movie thinking it'll be an eerie Blair Witch-sort of horror movie, you're in for a surprise. I loved Blair Witch. This is just a sad rip-off with lots of bad acting and a confusing twist that raises more questions than it answers.

At first this is a typical "two guys/two girls go camping, drink, hear creepy sounds, get scared"-story. Which is fine. However the camera guy quickly started to p me off with a no way realistic reaction to the creepy stuff the group experiences. As the story unfolds the two girls begin to act increasingly illogical and in the end you have to sit through 20 minutes of running, screaming, "I'm gonna run out the door even though there's a monster out there"-decisions and headache-inducing camera work.

I don't know if this is meant to be the new Blair Witch Project or the new From Dusk Till Dawn, but it fails at both.

Even if I could get over the crappy acting, annoying characters, the not at all scary creature and the fact that I have to sit through the credits with all the flickering and static to find out what the hell just happened (apparently everything is explained, but almost impossible to read without pausing the damn thing), I STILL can't get over the gaping holes in the plot. An example: Why do the monster/monsters hunt them so intelligently at first - messing up their car, making noises without attacking etc. - and then later turn into blood hungry beasts running wild? This movie may be the worst horror I've seen in a while.

Reviewed by baserock_love 8 / 10

Wow, didn't see that coming. One of the better zero budget FF horror flicks i've seen.

Yet another one of those rare instances where I'm compelled to review a movie because this place unfortunately does not require an IQ test in order to review films here, because if it did, there wouldn't be so many people 1 starring a solid zero budget horror flick because they're confused by...apparently everything. How somebody could be confused by a movie like this is just laughable, it's even more laughable they're not too embarrassed to admit it in a public forum.

As I was watching it it started out as your fairly standard but fairly well paced and creepy FF horror flick, 4 young adults camping in the woods. Weird things happen, sounds in the night. It was all fairly enjoyable but nothing terribly different other then the fact it was horror and enjoyable because lets face it, 99% of horror movies are crap. The pacing is excellent, acting is serviceable, I've seen better and I've seen a lot worse, the atmosphere is excellent, even throwing in a red herring that while completely mundane just really kicks up the creep notch a few. Whoever wrote the script made some great decisions even though it's all very blair witch esque.

I won't spoil it but when you're expecting the standard but acceptable "Everybody dies" ending, the movie completely flips itself on it's head and takes itself in such an unexpected direction and it does it so seamlessly I absolutely couldn't wait to see what happened and where it was going to go. Once things get rolling, like a snowball it just picks up steam leaving the final reel to be pretty much non stop forward momentum.

It's not perfect, there is some spotty acting and in the final reel, the zero budget does show, as the setting isn't very convincing but the shaky camera work and atmospheric lighting do a great job of hiding things.

Don't listen to the haters, if you enjoy found footage, this is seriously a gem. I loved my time with evidence.

Reviewed by Josh Alfaro 1 / 10

Worst movie I have seen in years (SPOILERS! WARNING!)

First off, I just wanted to say this movie escalated rather quickly. I will try to remain calm, as I have just wasted 70 minutes of my life on this film, and am close to losing my faith in humanity, but I will try to give an honest review.

If the movie had remained with the four original campers throughout the 70 minutes, and hadn't turned in such a random, abrupt direction and kept the story revolving around them being hunted by a Sasquatch styled creature, it would have much butter.

However, the big mistake this movie makes, was hiring a Producer and a screen writer who, while on several different kinds of hallucinogenic drugs, piled on the most incomprehensible, shocking, ridiculous plot elements I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The movie started off great, as the group was being hunted by this Sasquatch like creature. 40 minutes of screaming, running, and boobs later, it turns so abruptly, it was difficult understanding what in the hell was going on.

Coupled with the fact that the way the movie ended, which was infinitely as ridiculous as the plot itself, this turned out to be a rather dissatisfying film. Throughout the movie,one of the two surviving girls from the camp does the most idiotic things in the movie, such as opening various locked doors, running into danger unnecessarily, etc.

As the movie ends, I was close to throwing a tantrum after the only likable, somewhat reasonably logical character in the movie dies, (the blonde girl) while the **** for brains brunette survives.

If only the movie had revolved around the four campers, and have just remained that way for those 70 minutes, it would have turned out nice, as I have stated before. BUT, the credits scenes with the special forces killing everything in that underground facility, could have just been the entire movie as well, and would've been just as entertaining.

Honestly, I would rather see faceless characters in balaclavas cutting down creatures with gunfire, than watching a group of idiotic jackasses running through the woods. At least we'd have a clear understanding of where the movie would be going if it revolved around the spec-ops soldiers in the credits, no? The fact that I would prefer the former over the latter, just shows how terrible this movie was.

All in all, this was a very confusing and disappointing movie, where if I could, I would give this movie a -10 stars. -5, to be generous. Seriously, do not waste your time watching this movie.

(P.S.: If I have to see another movie where the likable characters or main characters are killed off and the supporting cast lives, (like Starship Troopers: Invasion) I will relinquish my humanity, take the next space shuttle to Mars, become a space hermit, and live in a cave for the rest of my life.)

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