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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask(1972) download yts

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Woody Allen as Victor / Fabrizio / The Fool / Sperm
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shark-43 7 / 10

Hit & Miss, But What Hits Is Hysterical

An uneven early work of Allen's, really just a series of sketches tied around the unbelievable popularity of the "sex" book "Everything You Wantedto Know About Sex, But Was Afraid To Ask" which in the early 1970's was THE book in popular culture. Many of the sketches are too long and "peter" out, but ALL of them have very funny jokes and insight, but two of the sketches are classics and are as funny as anything Allen ever wrote: Gene Wilder's bit where he plays a man who is destroyed after a certain "fetish" is introduced into his life and the last sketch, where they show the inside controls of a man's body as he gets ready to have sex with a date: Burt Reynolds and Tony Randall help run the master control room. This is brilliant and clever. Some times it's refreshing to just go back to Allen's early, silly films like Sleeper and Take The Money And Run, even though the man has gone onto important funny films with deep dramatic throughlines: Crimes & Misdemeanors, Deconstructing Harry and Husbands & Wives.

Reviewed by William J. Fickling 8 / 10

Rabbits, sperm, giant breasts and a woody!

Ever since the mid-70s, I have had a nostalgia for Woody Allen's early films. Everyone needs to grow, it's just that I think Woody has grown in the wrong direction. In the films that followed "Annie Hall" he seemed to be trying to be Bergman at times and Fellini at others, when I always thought he was better just being Woody. Why? Because he was funny, and this film is the funniest of them all.

This is Woody at his zaniest, his most anarchic, his most irreverent, his wildest. It is zany in the same sense that the Marx Brothers were at their height. He isn't afraid to have segments that are just plain crazy and unbelievable. I wonder if David Reuben realized that Woody was actually mocking his book when he sold the rights. A classic. 8/10

Reviewed by scriptwriter88 10 / 10


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask is hysterical romp that makes the book look even more shameful. The sketches are hit and miss but the ones that hit are brilliant and will have you laughing long after the film has ended. For istance, the whole 2nd act with Gene Wilder having an afair with a sheep is one I won't soon forget. And the most creative of the skits is the last one where we see what happens to a man before I night of sex. Some skits will run on a bit long, such as the spoof of monster movies where a man and a woman and a man are being stalked by a huge tit. This skit is done well, but it really isn't that funny. Another one that falls flat is the third skit in which a man keeps trying to bring his wife to orgasm. This has a good opening but really just falls apart towards the end. All and all this is some great Woody Allen work and I certainly enjoyed it.

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