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Reviewed by innocuous 4 / 10

For a few thousand $$$, they could have bought a decent script.

It seems like I spend half my time watching poorly-produced and horribly-acted movies with good stories and ideas, and the other half watching well-produced movies with zero imagination and stock story lines. "Elsewhere" falls into the latter category. The actresses (and actors) are cute and do a decent job. (Keep your eye on the "weird' girl.) The production values are quite good, with interesting, but not impressive, cinematography. The whole movie is definitely not low-budget in appearance or finish.

But the story and script are just awful...retreads of thrillers done hundreds of times before. Trust me, you'll pick out the bad guy within the first few minutes of the movie. No hints are required. There is very little tension in the movie, except for the few action sequences. Contrary to what you might expect from the tag lines, there isn't any "string" of mysterious disappearances. One girl disappears and, five years later, so does another one. The cell phone texting angle has been done many times before and much better, so no tension there. The typical (and stereotyped) red herrings abound.

Finally, towards the end of the movie, you get a scene which ought to be subtitled "Scriptwriters Got Tired Here" or "Director Couldn't Figure Out How to Film This the Right Way." Two teens try to sneak up on a farmhouse where a (potential) bad guy is sleeping by creeping through a cornfield. Since they want to be stealthy, they (of course) bring along fluorescent tube lanterns. No, nobody would notice THOSE being carried through a completely dark cornfield at night, would they? And who would ever notice the bright light coming form the completely unlit barn when the kids finally get there? Unfortunately, this is typical of the writing in this film.

Well-made, but still pretty worthless and unexciting.

Reviewed by huh_oh_i_c 2 / 10

Wholly unremarkable. Good title, worthless plot. For kiddies who are a tat too old for R.L. Stines "Goosebumps"? Like ... 6 months too old? 5? Maybe 3 months?

I'd warn you against spoilers but then, this film spoilers itself in about five minutes into. Okay, so this is what is called a fully predictable film. We see the two HUGE archetypical stereotypes in filmland, The Good Girl and The Bad Girl (Tania Raymonde is really sliding), which they cared so little about they haven't even bothered to change their character names, much: The GirlScout and DaBitch. Just in case we didn't get it. In that aspect this film is just one notch, a real tiny, tiny, tiny, notch up from R.L. Stines "Goosebumps", but that show was GOOD in it's genre). Soooo, Bad Girl is a Slutty-ish Type of a girl which does Slutty Things like plaster herself all over the net in skimpy underwear (okay, okaaaay, it's NOT skimpier than yer regular ol' beach wear, but hey, you get the picture) She has some Facebook type of internetpage where she has like 800 'friends' ... per day. All male of course. She has this super stereotypical Momma, who is Poor White Trash Personified, who lives in a trailer(where else?) and who makes her money by selling Stuff-Nobody-Needs over the phone. Good Girl is also raised by a single mom, but this one has a good job and is Conveniently Outta Town For The Weekend, so the pleasantries can ensue. Whateverrrr. Anyways, then there's the Big School Dance (of course!) and Good Girl wants to hook up with Jock Type of an A-hole, but of course him being the Jock Type A-hole, he has to accuse her of being a prick tease when she doesn't immediately handle his schlong, and she is rescued by Nerdy Geek Boy (who's also handy with computers, works in the frikking library(!!) AND he's on his way to Stanford!! Doesn't come any geek-nerdier than that. So Nerdy Geek Boy rescues Good Girl from Gropy Jock Type A-hole, they go outside and they see Slutty Bad Girl fighting with her Dumb Ex-Boyfriend who is of course ... The Mean Aggressive Type! Then of course we know that Something Very Awful will happen to Slutty Bad Girl. Sure enough, Good Girl receives the obligatory grainy video on her cellphone indicating Slutty Bad Girl is in Serious Trouble. Obviously, Good Girl call Da Cops and we'd expect the police to Do Something, but since Slutty Bad Girl is Poor White Trash and has peeeed off the Teen Molesting Amateur Local Cop, nothing is done about it, and nobody believes Good Girl. Then WEEKS go by, as Nerdy Geek Boy & Good Girl do their Hard-Nancy-Drew-Boy-teen-detective thing. All of a sudden, in a desperate attempt to rescue The Story Line there enters Strange Religious Man, whose daughter, FreakyOutcastGirl turns out to be the co-worker of Good Girl & Bad Girl. He's also IMMEDIATELY the Main Suspect, and the viewer is never brought in doubt about that. There's no intrigue, no multiple suspects, nothing. This is the BigBadKiller, and there's very little suspense after that. The film tries to imitate When a Stranger Calls and Scream .... BADLY!!! You keep waiting for a plot twist but then the credits roll and you know It's All Over.

The remarkable other thing is that they take a whopping 1h46 to tell this!!

Reviewed by dbborroughs 4 / 10

not worth the effort

Small Indiana town has a problem, it teen girls are going missing, though no one really is paying attention. When Sarah's best friend goes missing after meeting one of her on-line dates she's dropped into the towns underbelly. Nominal horror movie is really little more than a psycho on the loose tale with some mystery and fancy trappings thrown in. Not really original, much of the teen cast looks to be 5 to 10 years too old for their roles, Sarah's girlfriend seemingly about 15 to 20 years too old.Unremarkable in most aspects this seems to be a throw back to a quieter gentler time where movies were inoffensive. I'm not a fan and I doubt any one else will be too since the film, while well done in numerous technical aspects (the film looks good), too many other bits, including the plot, don't hang together. I would leave the film in its titled place and not take it home with you.

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