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Diego Boneta as Arnie
James Remar as Coach DaFoe
Sung Kang as Connie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by diangel55 6 / 10

Updated Lord of the Flies

This review is not so much a spoiler, but it points out just how awful people can be to each other when under pressure. It really did remind me of Lord of the Flies in many ways because things went tits up quick, fast, and in a hurry. Considering the events took place over a little more than ten days, the characters didn't take long to show their true colors and true hearts. I was surprised that the island they were on had very little edible vegetation or natural water sources. I was also surprised that there were no organized search parties to explore the island to see what resources were potentially available to the group. I found the movie predictable, but entertaining. I didn't learn any life lessons or was left with a "feel good" feeling, but it did keep me interested for the duration.

Reviewed by joshuaallred 5 / 10

Not bad but defiantly below average

The acting is decent, the quality of production was decent. The characters do not have depth and the story plot is predictable. Its essentially lord of the fly's but instead its with adults. The Team is a elite soccer (football) team that fails to adapt to there situation. They fail as a team and each other, both in a psychological sense and a physiological sense. There unable to support each other and build on each others strengths and weaknesses. But if your into shallow men who are constantly flexing there muscles and running around with jeans tighter then the yoga pants your probably wearing right now, I highly recommend this movie to you.

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